What My Psychic Told Me

Untitled design (16)Okay, so I don’t actually have my own personal psychic that I go to, but I went to a psychic fair this weekend with a friend and it was SO FUN! I’ve never been to anything like this before, or had an official reading, so this was an entirely new experience, but I loved it.

Right after I sat down, the first question the psychic asked me was, “Did you just start a business?” Ummm, why yes, I did! Even though I’ve been coaching for a few years now, I officially decided to leave the corporate world not too long ago and officially open my business. The next question she asked was, “Did you sign some important paperwork for your business this week?” Again, ummm, yes I did!

At this point, as she pulled more cards off her tarot deck, I decided I was in good hands and to just let go and trust whatever she told me.

The same theme kept coming up in all the different areas of my life: business, relationship, money, family, etc. As she drew card after card, she kept repeating the same message to me:

It’s all there for you. Everything you want is in the cards (literally), and you just have to keep walking towards it. There’s no reason to doubt or be scared.

What a relief! I was a bit excited and nervous all at the same time.

This is the same message I’ve been hearing from a lot of different people in my life lately, so I decided to take it as a confirmation of something the Universe really wanted me to hear and take it as fact.

The truth is, it’s all there for EACH ONE of us. Everything you want, it’s already here! It’s all possible, especially with the right combination of taking action, aligning your beliefs with what you want, and stretching beyond your comfort zone when necessary.

What you want, wants you. Otherwise you would not have that desire in the first place!

You are drawn to leaving your corporate job, and starting that dream business, and travelling the world, and starting a family (or whatever particular dream you have), because you are meant to have that in your life! Quite simply, if it was not meant for you it just wouldn’t be on your radar.

For example, I have absolutely zero desire in my life to become President of the United States. Zero. However, for someone for whom that could be possible, they think about that frequently and take actions to get closer to making that a reality. It is a possibility for them, and their life reflects that.

On the other hand, what is possible for ME is to run a successful coaching business that I can run from anywhere in the world. And as a result that’s what my thoughts and desires are centered around.

So what is YOUR big dream? What is that secret passion of yours you’ve been dreaming about lately, but are too scared to tell anyone about? You worry they’ll think you’re crazy, or worse yet, that your dream will never come true. Or what’s the image you have on your vision board that you would give anything to make happen? However, deep down you’re secretly unsure about how to even get moving in that direction.

Like my psychic said, it’s all there for you!

It’s out there waiting for you, and what’s required is for you to just keep walking towards that thing you want. Take baby steps if you have to, but keep moving in the direction of your ultimate vision. One day you’re gonna have it all <3 (The psychic also told me I’ll be taking some big trip with a family in the next 11 months, but I’m not quite sure what that’s about yet. I’ll keep you posted!)

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