What Is Your Personal Money Story?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with

Most of my clients initially come to me with some sort of a belief that they’re “not enough,” and this is reflected in their money story or situation of “not enough.”

Money is tight, the bills are piling up, and ideal clients reaching out to work with them (with the money to do so!) are few and far between.

However, when you really get that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you and that you are in fact MORE than enough, your money situation will begin to reflect “more than enough” as well!

Do you feel like you’re not enough somehow?

If you’re not experiencing the monetary success in your life or business that you currently desire, then I would invite you to explore whether you are carrying the belief “I’m not enough” or “I’m not worthy” on some level of your being.

Most people carry that belief in some way, even if they had the best childhood ever!

Negative, confusing, and painful things happen to us in life, and as little children sometimes the only way we can make sense of these things is to rationalize to ourselves that “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not good enough.” We think that if we were different or better somehow, then surely life, God, our parents, etc. would be treating us better or working out more in our favor!

As we get older, this just becomes our “story” and the way we explain to ourselves and others why things are not working out for us as we would like.

If clients are not signing up for your business, or you’re not making as much money as you require for your bills, or people aren’t really supporting you in working as a full-time entrepreneur, then it’s possible that you may be internalizing all of these things and assuming it is a reflection of you and your “not-enoughness” or unworthiness.

Then, when you start to REALLY feel like you’re “not enough,” this will be reflected in all areas of your life, particular in the arena of money. You won’t have enough money to pay the bills, or take the trips you want, or hire the coach or mentor you know could really help you.

Does this sound familiar?

You Are More Than Enough!

The way to shift this and turn it around is to begin to accept the TRUTH that absolutely nothing is wrong with you! You are exactly as God intended you to be, and you’re just where you need to be in your life. Trust and know that everything is working out perfectly, despite what anyone else may say or what it looks like from the outside.


In fact, I want you to consider the fact that you are actually MORE than enough! Not only is there nothing wrong with you, but you are worthy, valuable, and even MORE than enough!

Take out a sheet of paper and make a list of all the ways you’re more than enough.

Maybe you’re a wonderful mother to your pet (I’ve got this one down!), maybe you’re an amazing writer, or maybe you’re more than enough because you’re comfortable doing your own thing and don’t have to conform to whatever everyone else is doing.

I know that if you really look, you will find MANY ways in which you are more than enough.

Also, make a list of all the ways you HAVE more than enough.

Maybe you have more than enough socks, or friends, or gift certificates! Go crazy and list as many things as you can.

Once you begin to shift your outlook and focus on all the ways you are more than enough and have more than enough, this will begin to show up in your finances as well! You’ll begin to have “more than enough” money, or “more than enough” clients.

You’ll realize that there’s absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t have all the money you need and desire, because Abundance is everywhere and available to all!

The truth is, the clients and the money and whatever else you’re desiring are already out there. They’re so close you can probably taste ‘em!

Right now you can’t see them or draw them in because you’re so focused on all the ways you’re NOT good enough.

However, once you begin thinking in terms of “more than enough” don’t be surprised when all the other areas of your life begin to reflect that as well!


Are you ready to learn how to create MORE than enough money in your spiritual business and embrace all the ways that YOU are more than enough? If so, sign up for your complimentary session below and say YES to yourself!

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