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Making Money IS Spiritual

"In God We Trust"

“In God We Trust”

Most people have the belief somewhere deep in their consciousness that making money is not spiritual and that God wants us to be poor. Therefore, the more spiritual or Godly we are, the less money we should be making! If you are a heart-centered or spiritual entrepreneur, this (limiting) belief is almost sure to trip you up at some point. It is embedded deep within our collective consciousness that if you are serving others you should do so from the heart, and without much money attached!

Lately I’ve been healing lots of my beliefs around money and creating a whole new supportive relationship with money for myself, one where money works for me and not the other way around.

And what I have learned is that making money IS spiritual, and that God (or Spirit, Source, or whatever your particular Higher Power is) actually wants to be very much involved in our finances and give us everything we want.

We invite God into all other areas of our lives, why wouldn’t we invite God or Spirit into our finances? Recognizing this it has totally changed the game for me!

If you are an entrepreneur (or dream of becoming one) then you know all about the money roller coaster that most entrepreneurs are on, at least in the beginning. If you’re coming from the corporate world, then you definitely know that going from a steady, predictable paycheck to creating your own income, not to mention managing all the emotions that go along with that, can be challenging to say the least.

When you first start out the adrenaline and passion you have for your new business and lifestyle might be enough to get you by for a little while, but eventually it can totally wipe people out if they don’t start making the money they want or need. Riding the money roller coaster becomes too much and this is when you see entrepreneurs closing their businesses and heading back to the corporate world to get a dreaded J-O-B and wonder what in the world went wrong in their business for which they originally had had so much passion.

Obviously when you’re in business there are many different action steps involved, and I’m not saying that taking action is not required because it most certainly is! But if you’ve been taking these actions and not experiencing the abundance in your life you hoped for, I’d like to recommend that you invite God (or Spirit, Source, your Higher Power, etc.) to play a bigger part in your money dealings. Ask God to make an appearance in your finances and turn over some of the burden to Him!

I’m following the “40-Day Prosperity Plan” by John Randolph Price right now (very highly recommended) and it is completely changing my viewpoint on money and spirituality. Quite frankly, after following this program I don’t see how the two were ever separated in the first place! Not only is God involved in your finances, God is the SOURCE of your finances. All money comes from Source! Yes, it may look like your money is coming from your clients, your employer, your spouse, your investments, etc., but all money comes from Source and those are just the particular channels used by Source to get the money to you.

So if you are experiencing lack when it comes to your finances, begin to connect with your Higher Power and ask for the money to come to you, or your ideal clients, or the right mentor who can help you, or an idea for a new program that will help bring in the money you need. God is there for you and does not want you to be poor or to go without! He is ready and willing to help you create the business or life of your dreams, if you invite Him in.

This does not just mean praying for a financial miracle and expecting to win the lottery or to have a $10,000 check show up on your doorstep overnight. This means opening up to the fact that God is already involved in your finances, whether you realize it or not, and can bring you more money (or ideal clients, or new ideas, etc) on a dime.

Open up to allowing Spirit to make an appearance in your finances and I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. Making money is indeed spiritual! After all, it says “In God We Trust” on the dollar bill ;)


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