Spiritually Rich Woman

Dear Sensitive, Intuitive, Spiritual Entrepreneur:

Money Breakthrough Coach and Business Mindset Expert, Mary Knebel

Money Breakthrough Coach and Money Intuitive, Mary Knebel

Pull up a chair and let’s have a little chat!

Chances are if you’ve made it to this page I already know what you’re feeling ;)

(I am a Money Intuitive after all, so I can tap into this stuff pretty quickly!)

Let me ask you…

Are you sick and tired of not making any money in your business?

Are you wondering when you’re finally going to be able to stop investing so much in your business and start actually MAKING money while using your gifts?

Do you live in constant fear of money, not knowing when it’s going to show up, or wondering when the other financial shoe is going to drop?

Do you wonder if it’s even possible to make great money doing what you love?

Or maybe you’re wondering…

Do I really have what it takes?

Will I ever make enough money to travel, go shopping, provide for my family, donate to charities, etc?

Will I ever feel good about money?

More importantly, will I ever feel good about myself?!

I have some good news for you… news you probably know deep in your heart, but have not experienced first-hand yet…

Yes, You CAN Make Money Doing What You Love!

There IS a way to feel supported and peaceful around money!

getting richThere IS a way to make money doing what you feel called to do, so that you can travel, shop at stores you love, or buy your family a home you adore!

Yes, you CAN transform your relationship with money so much that you’ll always know that more money is coming, and that you can receive income in so many unexpected ways.

There IS a way to market your business that attracts your ideal clients to you, but doesn’t drain you or require that you go to 20 networking meetings a month!

No, you do NOT have to go back and get a J-O-B.

(Let’s be honest, that would be hell for you anyway because your soul would feel like it was DYING!)

I am here to reassure you that dealing with money can be easy and FUN, and feel more like a game!

Are you with me? (Can I get an amen?)

I was exactly where you are…

I know all of this is possible because I used to live in your shoes and it was not fun! N.O.T. F.U.N.

I used to live in CONSTANT fear around money (even when I had money in the bank).

For years this kept me trapped in corporate America, because I was terrified of leaving the steady paycheck and running out of money.

Of course, deep down I KNEW I wasn’t meant to be working in corporate America, however the fear of leaving without a financial safety net was unbearable.

Heck, I lived in fear of running out of money even when I had a steady income from my job. I couldn’t even fathom feeling good about money without a steady paycheck!

When I finally did leave, (read: the Universe gave me my wings and told me to fly!) all of my financial fears came roaring to the surface and I had to deal with them once and for all.

IMG_7548And it was scary! Really, really scary!

Not to mention, little did I know that my “money stuff” was connected to soo many different areas of my life, which meant I also had to look at my HUGE fears around visibility, not standing in my power, never feeling good enough, and definitely not owning my worth.

(You’ve probably heard the phrase, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” Well I was experiencing a whole lot of “not enough” in all areas of my life.)

I was terrified of really putting myself out there on social media and definitely didn’t know how to attract ideal clients who would pay me what I was worth.

I also discovered that I was HIGHLY sensitive and intuitive, which brought a whole different set of issues to the table! While everyone was telling me to go to networking meetings to get new clients, the idea of drained the heck out of me just thinking about it.

There I was, drowning in bills, unsure of myself, afraid of really being seen as the powerful spiritual woman I am, and not owning my worth by any stretch of the imagination… not a great recipe for success!!

Introducing my BRAND NEW, updated…

Spiritually Rich Woman
Exclusive One-on-One Coaching Program

Spiritually  Rich Woman Coaching Program (7)That’s why I’ve created the Spiritually Rich Woman coaching program just for YOU: the sensitive, spiritual entrepreneur who is ready to be spiritually AND financially rich!

After living in so much FEAR around money, I managed to completely turn my relationship with money around and I no longer feel any fear around money.

These days, every time I have a need for money, it appears!

When I desire to call in new clients, the most IDEAL clients come looking for me and sign up to work with me on the spot!

Not to mention, all the other areas of my life that were NOT working have totally turned around as well!

I finally learned that money is simply energy and comes from Source, which means that once you tap into that energy there is an endless supply of abundance and ideal clients around every corner.

And I can absolutely help you do it, too!

Which is why I want to share this amazing program with YOU!

This is a four-month, exclusive, one-on-one coaching program with me, where we will transform your life, inside and out!

This is not just your typical business coaching program, although you will get a lot of business building skills as well.

The purpose of this program is to show you exactly how to create MONEY in a way that honors both your sensitivity and spirituality, while giving you practical skills to build or expand your business.

I see you, and deep down YOU KNOW that you are meant to be doing what you love and making good money.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t have such a strong desire for it! According to spiritual law, if you have a desire for something it means you are MEANT to have it.

But I also know that money “stuff” and other fears have been holding you back your whole life from going after what you truly desire.

The time to shift that is NOW!

Mary rocks! I highly recommend her if you’re anyone who has dealt with any fears around money or maybe hasn’t really understood how to play the money game. She is super sweet, super compassionate and easily steps into a Divine Big Sis role to help you heal your old money drama and heal your relationship with money once and for all! She puts her connection to Source first in the money making game and that is so crucial for easy manifesting! She’ll hold your hand every step of the way! She’s also great at helping you restructure your biz offerings so you can get off the single session roller coaster and easily step into consistent 5k, 10k, even 20k months. I love you, Mary!”

That Woman on Your Vision Board is YOU!

That dream you have of running your business from anywhere in the world, serving others, and living a luxurious lifestyle is calling your name because that is your future!

That woman on your vision board living the amazing lifestyle is actually YOU!

Now you just have to become her!

And my Spiritually Rich Woman coaching program is designed to show you EXACTLY how to do that.

In this exclusive one-on-one program, you WILL:

Heal your dysfunctional relationship with money once and for all
Metallic-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-16 Develop a new relationship with money where money abundantly supports you in living the life of your dreams
Eliminate any lingering self-worth issues that are holding you back so you can create a life and business you LOVE
Conquer visibility issues so that you can put yourself out there in a way that feels safe AND attracts your ideal clients who are totally magnetized to you
Step into the powerful woman you KNOW you are meant to become and make money from that place
Give yourself permission to start saying YES to yourself and your desires (travel, shopping, charity, etc!)
Become an irresistible MAGNET to money and other miracles
Learn to receive money from your feminine, sensual energy rather than pushing so hard from your masculine energy
Raise your wealth consciousness so that you understand what money really is, where it comes from, and how to create it easily and effortlessly
Give yourself permission to earn MUCH more money and heal your family legacy around money
Track your money in a way that feels supportive and expansive to you (you will actually enjoy this and look forward to it!)
Fall in love with yourself and make money from that place, just for being YOU
Heal your broken relationship with God/Source and reclaim the deeply spiritual woman you know you are!

In your business, you WILL:

Put your irresistible packages together, raise your prices, and start effortlessly calling in ideal clients who are thrilled to pay you because they recognize your worth and believe in you (I will teach you my personal magnetization secrets and processes!)
Begin creating consistent and reliable income so you can get out of feast or famine mode and actually be able to depend on money (previous clients have generated between $5k-$15k a month)
Make more money while actually working less and avoiding burnout and exhaustion
Master the sales process so that clients effortlessly sign up to work with you (you’ll never feel salesy or pushy again!)
Fall in love with your offer which will attract clients who can’t help but sign up on the spot!

Plus, other areas of your life will be positively affected as well!

As a result of healing your relationship with money, other possible results include:

Getting into a supportive, loving relationship or improving the one you’re in (previous clients have been AMAZED at the changes in their men)
Losing excess weight, having more energy, and finally getting any health issues under control
Traveling more because you can leave your business and know that money is still there for you
Healing any codependency issues that lead to taking care of everyone else, constant fatigue, and burnout
Feel happier and more confident than you ever have before!

Become Spiritually AND Financially Rich!

flower-pastel-pink-Favim.com-500915This program is designed to help you become spiritually AND financially rich.

I know you and I know that making money just for money’s sake is not enough.

You want to be fulfilled, both inside and out!

That’s the life you are meant to live, and that’s exactly what this program is going to show you to do.

To help you achieve these results, you will receive the following support:

Four months of one-on-one private coaching with Certified Money Breakthrough Coach and Money Intuitive, Mary Knebel

Sixteen weekly 45-minute calls to keep you accountable, provide support, and keep you moving forward to your heart’s desires

Unlimited email access to Mary as needed (absolutely priceless!)

Bonus 3-hour “Magnetize Money to your Business” Kickoff VIP Day (valued at $697), where we will get to the root of your money blocks once and for all and I will give you my PERSONAL energy process I use to magnetize my ideal clients to me, every single time! (That alone is worth signing up for the program!)

It Is Your Time to Shine (PLUS HUGE DISCOUNT!)

I know you’ve been hiding out and playing small your whole life, worried about outshining others and stepping on their toes. I know you’ve been taking care of everyone else, while letting your dream life slip through fingers.

tumblr_nhco06EDB51qz7f9no1_1280Not anymore, sister!

It is your time to shine NOW!!!

And I will NOT let you live a life that is not yours anymore!

You deserve SO MUCH MORE!!

I invested almost $14,000 to work with my first high-end coach (and I paid it in full!!).

I honestly had NO idea where the money was going to come from, but literally the moment I got off the phone with her and said “Yes” the money appeared.

(True story, ask me and I’ll tell you about it!)

That decision to invest in myself changed my entire life overnight.

And your decision to say YES to yourself and to this program will change your life overnight.

This program is a four-month one-on-one coaching program with me, where I provide a TON of support.

My clients are constantly telling me how supported they feel.

And I have designed it this way for a reason! Because as you learn to feel supported and receive support in the coaching relationship, you will open up and be able to receive support from money and the Universe as a whole!

See how that works ;)

I invite you to set up a complimentary call with me to ask me any questions you have and see if you are the right fit for this program. This is not one of those salesy calls, but more of an exploration to see what you need help with and to see if this program is what you need!

If it is, great!! If not, no worries and I will try to refer you to someone else who can help you.

I am here to SERVE you, not to push you into anything that is not for your highest good.

To set up a time to chat with me, please fill out the quick questionnaire here and I will contact you asap to set up a time to talk! You are also able to email me at Mary@Moneypreneurs.com with any questions you might have.

Lots of love and Abundance to you, spiritual sister!

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