Reversing the Flow – So That Money Flows TOWARDS You (rather than away!)

Use Your Energy to Imagine Money Flowing (2)I’m writing this post for those of you who are running a business that you’re passionate about, but more often than not you find yourself FREAKING OUT about money, wondering where it’s going to come from, and asking yourself when that next client is going to show up on your doorstep so you can pay your bills, and FAST!

So let me cut to the chase and tell you the very first place to start: You have to get your focus OFF of money going out of your bank account, or moving away from you, and instead put all of your focus ON money coming towards you, filling your bank account, and providing for you many times over, in any way you can. Even if you have absolutely no idea how this will happen, or haven’t had money coming in in what feels like forever, or don’t even know where you would find another potential client to speak to, you must (I repeat) MUST get your focus on money coming to you, rather than always thinking about it going away from you.

This seems so easy, and yet this is the exact place where most people get tripped up when it comes to money.

As an entrepreneur, I know you have bills, both for your business and your personal life. And it’s very easy to go into that state of panic (I’ve been there!) about where your next client is going to come from, or where the money is going to come from to pay your bills this month or next. If you’re a new entrepreneur and have recently left the corporate world, or even if you’ve been at this game for awhile, it’s common to ride the feast or famine money roller coaster until you’ve mastered your relationship with money.

However, this one little practice can make such a difference in your life and your business and will help you get off that roller coaster for good.

From now on, every time you start to notice a thought or feeling of anxiety as you wonder where money (or your next client) is going to come from, or you notice that you’re getting caught up in a spiral of thoughts about money leaving your life and your bank account to pay bills, etc., STOP yourself right there, and reverse the flow. Begin to think about money flowing towards you, rather than flowing away from you.

Reversing the Flow

If you were to take all of the energy you are currently using to focus on the worst-case scenario, running out of money, not paying your bills, losing your home (drastic!), not signing up enough clients, etc. and turn that energy around to focus on all the money you want and need coming to you easily and effortlessly, signing up so many ideal clients that you actually have a waiting list, and paying your bills on-time or even in advance of when they’re due, then your money problems would quickly disappear and you would literally be living in an entirely differently reality, sometimes overnight!

Our reptilian minds are used to focusing on the worst-case scenario and all the things that could go wrong, because this is what helped us survive thousands and thousands of years ago when we were constantly on the lookout for wild animals who might eat us! But now these sorts of thoughts just end up making things worse for us, because our thoughts create our reality. And the more you focus on money going out of your bank account and never coming back, the more that will start to happen in your life.

Also, remember that ACTION kills fear. As you begin to focus your mind on all the ways money CAN to come you, how you CAN find ideal clients, and how your bank account WILL be overflowing with a surplus, you want to then get out there and start taking action and doing what you can to start bringing the money towards you. Whether it’s calling up former clients to see how they’re doing and what their current needs are, launching a new program that will bring in new clients, or even selling old books on eBay, this will get you out of fear and into a place where money and abundance CAN flow towards you.

It will take effort in the beginning, and maybe even a little imagination. But once your brain and your subconscious get used to this new pattern, you will have reversed the flow and money will be flowing right towards you!

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