Release and Let Go – Money Likes to Flow

Release and let go!

Release and let go!

This weekend I was having some issues with my computer, which seemed to come out of nowhere! Granted it’s a few years old now, but I’ve never had any problems with it and it seemed to just go on the fritz one morning for no reason. I quickly took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy, but they couldn’t find anything seriously wrong with it so I brought it back home… and it went NUTS!!

I’m a firm believer that we create everything in our reality, even technical problems (everything is energy, right?), so I did some internal investigation to see if there might be something going on inside of me that was causing the problems.

And lo and behold, I had a long list of people I was “annoyed with” or frustrated with and those thoughts were just running around in my head on auto-pilot. I decided to get out a piece of paper, write down the list of annoyances I was having with each person, get it all out on paper, and then (and this is the key part) I let go of it, released it into the Universe, and forgave each person. I ripped up the piece of paper and flushed it down the toilet (I was DONE with it) and then quickly went back to my computer. And it has been running perfectly ever since!

Say what you will, it worked for me and I believe in the power of clearing and releasing to create energetic shifts. This also applies to your situation with money and how much or how little you are letting into your life.

Money likes to flow, so it needs to have a clear, unobstructed pathway to come into your life. However, often times we are completely blocking the flow of money and abundance into our lives because we have created so many blockages and areas where the money gets stuck. This can be both internal and external blockages, and they need to be cleared!

If you are running a business:

• Do you have separate bank accounts set up for your business (that are separate from your personal accounts?).
• Do you have ways to receive in money in your business when someone tries to pay you, like a PayPal account or a merchant account?
• Do you have your fees and packages clearly written out so that if someone asks how much you charge it can just roll right off your tongue and you don’t have to get back to them later?
• Do you have any past-due bills related to your business that you haven’t paid yet that are just weighing you down every time you think of them?

If any of these things apply to you, start here!

Next, take a look around your home or your office and notice if there is clutter in the way (there probably is!). I did some physical clutter clearing myself this weekend because I moved a few months ago and still had some boxes laying around I hadn’t unpacked yet.

• Do you have old books or clothes that you can get rid of or donate?
• What about stacks of paperwork or bills that you no longer need which are just sitting around in piles?
• If you’re working from home, is the space where you’re working on your business someplace that is easy to get to and well-lit, i.e. not in some dark, wet basement where no one else in the house wants to be!

Finally, do a forgiveness exercise like the one I described above that I used for my computer issues. Take out a piece of paper and list anyone you may be holding a grudge against, no matter how far back it goes. If those things are still causing you to get annoyed or upset, then they’re still taking up space in your consciousness and you need to release them once and for all! If you are holding onto recent grudges, be sure to get those on paper and clear those out too. When you’re done listing everything you can think of, tear the piece of paper up and either flush it or burn it! Tell yourself that you are letting go of these issues and that they can longer stand in your way.

I invite you to get really CLEAR on any clutter (mental or physical) that may be standing in the way of money flowing into your life now. And start clearing!!

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