Super Money Manifesting Bundle

Dear Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, Spiritual Entrepreneur,

I’ve been waiting for you!!

Your magnetic Money Mentor & Intuitive, Mary Knebel

Your magnetic Money Mentor & Intuitive, Mary Knebel

I know that you are here for a reason and that what I’m going to share with you on this page is going to make your life SO much easier (not to mention drastically increase the amount of money in your bank account!).

I already know the following about you…

You absolutely KNOW you are meant for more, but can’t quite figure out how to get there (and the whole “money thing” is a big part of what’s holding you back).

Deep down you know you are POWERFUL, magnetic, and a super manifestor, however you have trouble allowing yourself to OWN that power and BE that in your life.

You dream of creating a life of LUXURY on *your* terms, whether that means spa days and luxury hotels or retreats in the woods, but you’re worried about what others will think and how to make it happen.

You CRAVE freedom around money, and deep down you know it’s possible, but you haven’t arrived there yet in your own life, you’re still struggling around money, and you spend most of your time in fear.

You are READY to start creating a life you love (including travel, self-care, and giving to causes you care about) and do it with EASE, comfort, and inspired action.

Am I right?

If so, you are definitely in right place :)

How to Create Amazing Results with Money!

I know you’ve heard by now that everything on the planet is energy and that our thoughts create our reality.

This means that money is also energy (woot!).

And because our thoughts create our realities, you can change YOUR thoughts and YOUR energy around money to create drastically different results than you’re currently getting.

In fact, in order to create new results with money (and everything else in life), you MUST change your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in order to create new results.

That’s where I come in ;)

My name is Mary Knebel and I am a Money and Success Coach, as well as a Money Intuitive.

I am highly sensitive to energy, and what I’ve found while working with my clients over the past few years is that there are certain beliefs and energy patterns that you MUST have in order to be a match for money, i.e. in order to be able to allow it into your life!

And if you’re highly sensitive like I am, then you actually have different energy patterns and beliefs that need to shift vs. people who aren’t so sensitive.

Until you have them, your “money stuff” just will not budge!

(Believe me, I tried it myself and it didn’t work, argh.)

I started seeing the same lack patterns over and over again with my clients, and it all came down to the way they were flowing their energy and limiting beliefs they couldn’t see they had.

And if you continue to have the same beliefs and energy around money, your self-worth, what’s possible for you, etc., then you will continue to create the same results!

I put together my first set of guided meditations for my clients to listen to between sessions (to help them shift their beliefs and energy), and they LOVED them and started really multiplying their results!

In fact, they have LOVED them so much that they keep begging me to create more…

This is now my third audio bundle and it’s my best one yet!

(BONUS, as my vibration and energy around money continues to improve, the energy on these meditations does as well!)

Introducing the…


This is the Super Money Manifesting Bundle, which is my latest and greatest…

By listening to these audios, you get to sit back, press play, and RELAX while I do all of the work for you ;)

And for the first time ever, I’ve also included a BONUS workbook to go along with the audios, which explains exactly how to get into ALIGNMENT with your desires and manifest everything you could possibly desire.

IN THESE AUDIOS, just by listening, you will instantly be put in the vibration of endless money, love, and abundance (that’s my specialty!).

And remember, money is just energy so you must MATCH the vibration (energy) of money in order to call it into your life.

Each audio also contains energy downloads where I literally download new, empowering beliefs and energy patterns into your body and your subconscious mind.

Yes, the exact energy patterns and beliefs that I’ve found you NEED in order to let money in…

All you have to do is be open and the experience will happen naturally and automatically, with no effort on your part.

Your old patterns will be released, and in some cases you won’t even know you’ve transformed until you start to notice that money, clients, and your other desires are manifesting out of the blue!

These meditations will instantly put you in the exact vibrational energy you need to have around money if you want to draw more of it into your life!

Plus, I’m throwing in a BRAND NEW money manifesting workbook to help you understand the manifestation process even more.

I’ve made this as simple for you as possible, to start getting results and shifting your beliefs and energy around money without signing up for an expensive coaching package!

People currently pay me thousands of dollars to work with me privately and just to be in my magnetic energy; however I’ve created this special bundle as a way for YOU to be in the same energy without having to make such a large investment.

Your Desires are MEANT for You!

Honestly, I want you to have it ALL, and I don’t just mean money…

x354-q80-1I want you to be “Wildly Wealthy” (which is one of the audios!) in all areas of your life, and have endless amounts of money, love, and abundance, whatever that looks like for you!

And I know that if you have that desire (and are on this page!), then it absolutely 100% means it is MEANT for you.

We are not even given a particular dream or desire if it is not possible for us to manifest!

(After all, you don’t want to be President of the United States or an Olympic swimmer do you?!)

You have your particular desires because they are meant for YOU, and I know that by being on this page it means this is your next step to help you get there.

All you have to do is your shift your energy and beliefs in order for you to receive those very particular desires of yours!

This means you must change who you are BE-ing and showing up as in the world, and commit to what you *truly* desire! (No more settling!)

You must be in ALIGNMENT with what you wish to create in your life, otherwise it just will never happen…

And you need to shift on a deep, subconscious level; otherwise it’s just like putting a band-aid over deeper wounds and never healing what really matters.

That’s what we’ll be doing on the audios :)

Here’s What You’ll Receive…

In the “Super Money Manifesting Bundle,” you will be receiving five guided meditations around 11-13 minutes each.

Each audio also contains energy work, where I literally download new energy patterns and beliefs (the ones you NEED) directly into your subconscious mind.

You will also be receiving a BONUS Super Money Manifesting workbook!

I explain everything in more detail below…

You will receive the following guided meditations:

Absolute Magnetism: In this audio, you will tap into your powers of absolute magnetism so that you can instantly and effortlessly magnetize money and everything else you desire right to you! Love is the most magnetic energy in the Universe, and you will use it in this audio to draw all of your desires right to you. You will see that it takes very little effort on your part to manifest whatever you want and need at all times, because you are highly magnetic and will be unleashing that energy here.

Infinite Riches: In this audio, you will tap into the infinite riches of the Universe, which are within you and available to you at all times! You will feel what it feels like to have SO much money that you can use it to bless your friends, family, and organizations with endless amounts of money whenever you want. That is true wealth, when you can share your wealth and blessings with others. You will learn how to create more than enough wealth in this audio, so that you are able to do that going forward.

Luxury Lifestyle: In this audio, you will identify what it means to you to truly live a luxury lifestyle and then start magnetizing that to you! For some people, luxury is represented by fancy hotels, travel, and spa days. For others, it means retreats and quiet time in the woods. Whatever luxury means to you, you get to decide and in this audio you will start drawing it to you and manifesting it in your own life. You will give yourself permission to have that luxury lifestyle, once and for all.

$20K Woman: In this audio, you will give yourself permission to BE the most powerful version of yourself, the woman you KNOW deep down you are meant to become! Whether you are focused on making $20k a month (or more!) in your business, you will step into that energy in this meditation and you will start showing up as this REAL version of you in the world. Once you start showing up as *this* version of yourself, money (and everything else you desire) will start showing up for you as well.

Wildly Wealthy: In this audio, you will learn what it feels like to have more money than you ever thought possible and be able to tap into an endless supply of money, love, and abundance at all times! You will go on a hike in a forest where everything you touch turns to dollar bills, as well as go for a swim in an abundant flow of money. After listening to this, you will truly feel wildly wealthy and wonder what you were ever worried about before. You will know that THIS is your birthright, as well as your future.

(“Infinite Riches” and “Wildly Wealthy” are my two personal faves from this bundle!)

PLUS, and I have never done this before with my audio bundles, I am throwing in a Super Money Manifesting workbook as a BONUS.

This way you will have the EXACT process I use in order to manifest all of my desires!!

I spell it out for you and show you exactly how to get into alignment with what you desire to create…

Because until you’re in *alignment* with what you wish to create, you won’t be open to receiving your desires.

With the “Super Money Manifesting Bundle,” you can listen to the audios AND have the workbook so that nothing is left to chance.

Your desires are meant for you and are ready to come true for you, baby!!

“Who has yet to purchase these Guided Meditations from Mary Knebel? Or who has? I listen to them over and over again. Seriously, if you don’t have it yet, please get it! Each one is like having someone give you plain out GOLD. Sometimes I fail to recognize that what I’m looking for is actually right in front of me. So in case you tripped over this and have yet to dive into this, I highly recommend investing in them and watching zeros add to the right of your investment daily! All you need to do now is click on it and listen. And listen over and over. Enjoy!”
~Tania Dilmani, La Femme Ceo


**Let’s Do This!!**
Special Introductory Rate

I always try to get my audios to as many people as possible, because I’ve seen and heard the results my former clients have gotten with them.

And seriously, how much easier does it get than simply listening and instantly raising your vibration around money, love, and abundance?

PLUS, you’re getting the extra Super Money Manifesting Manual as a BONUS!!

So I’m happy to offer this bundle for a very Special Introductory Rate, for a limited time, and I truly hope you will take me up on it!

Through Tuesday, April 18, the Special Introductory Rate for the Super Money Manifesting Bundle is only $97.00!!!

You get the five audios (guided meditations + energy work) AND the bonus money manifesting workbook!!

(After that, the price will go up to $297.00 and will sell for that!)

And yes, this WILL create massive shifts in your energy and beliefs around money.

I don’t even offer single energy healing sessions anymore (plus I charge thousands of dollars for my coaching programs), but with this special bundle you are getting over an HOUR of meditations and energy downloads, PLUS a bonus workbook, which will explain everything in more detail, for just $97.00!!.

Considering I don’t even offer single energy healing sessions anymore, this is like getting your very own session for a serious fraction of the price!

Seriously, this is a steal and I highly encourage you to take advantage of this offer!

The energy downloads will help create PERMANENT and lasting change to your subconscious mind in order to remove those limiting beliefs around money, your self-worth, what’s possible for you, etc., that you haven’t been able to get rid of own your own (and I know you’ve tried!).

You just sit back and listen to the guided meditations, and let the audios do the work for you!

The meditations and energy downloads will start to shift your beliefs and your energy, and remove any resistance you might have to receiving more money into your life.

The walls will come tumbling down and the money will come pouring in!

Super Money Manifesting Bundle

Again, until Tuesday, April 18, the Special Introductory Rate is only $97.00 for the five audios + Super Money Manifesting workbook.

After that, the prices goes up to $297.00 and will stay there!

Remember, you MUST shift who you are BE-ing in the world in order to create new results with money, attracting clients, and manifesting everything else you desire.

What you’ve been doing up until now hasn’t been working and it is now time for you to try something new!!

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

Don’t be insane ;)

Super Money Manifesting Bundle

Any questions, feel free to email me at

Sending you so much love and abundance! <3

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