Rich Bitch Money Mindset Intensive

Dear Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, Spiritual Entrepreneur:

Money Mindset Mentor & Intuitive, Mary Knebel

Money Mindset Mentor & Intuitive, Mary Knebel

Are you sick of struggling around money and constantly wondering where your next client or rent payment is going to come from?

Are you secretly beginning to wonder if this business idea was a bit crazy after all and if you’d be better off going back to get a J-O-B? (Eek!)

Do you KNOW that you are meant for so much more, but you just don’t see how you can have more when you can’t even currently make ends meet?

Have you been working on yourself for years and know you have some issues around self-worth and giving your power away, but you’re ready to be DONE with that and start seeing some results from all your years of personal growth?

Keep reading… you are DEFINITELY in the right place!

I’ve got your back ;)

Girl… it is time to FIND YOUR INNER RICH BITCH!!!

(If you cringed just reading the words “rich bitch,” then you are DEFINITELY in the right place and need to unleash yours more than ever!)

I’m going to take a guess and assume that you’ve spent the majority of your life being the GOOD GIRL.

tumblr_m6yc2uNqJQ1r4mgvzo1_1280You probably grew up getting really good grades, making your parents proud and everyone else around you happy, while not causing any conflict at all. You are probably ALWAYS there for everyone else in your life, and especially in romantic relationships, but sometimes you’ve also felt resentful (when you really let yourself admit it) that no one else is really there for you.

You’re also probably codependent (meaning that others’ needs always come first), and I’m guessing you’re on the introverted side and are HIGHLY sensitive to energy, which has made it difficult for you to put yourself out there or get super visible in your business.

And above all else, even though you know you’re SUPER intelligent and have your sh*t together in a lot of areas of your life, your relationship with money is highly dysfunctional (and come to think of it, so was your last romantic relationship).

How do I know all of this?

Besides the fact that I’m highly intuitive (I’m a Money Intuitive, after all), I know all of this because I was YOU!

I was you for many, many years of my life!!

I was this way well into my early thirties, when I finally decided enough was enough and I needed a change, PRONTO.

By this point, I had been working in corporate America for many years and was absolutely miserable. I KNEW I was meant to be running my own business, having financial freedom, and travelling the word (I lived in Paris for two years after college), but my relationship with money was SO messed up that I couldn’t leave my J-O-B due to all the money fears I felt.

(Can you relate?)

Luckily, Universe had my highest good in mind and I was laid off (not once, but twice!), and I finally had no choice but to get my money sh*t together and heal my relationship with money ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Along the way I was certified as a Money Breakthrough Coach, and realized that helping other women heal their dysfunctional relationships with money is actually my life purpose!

(We teach what we need to learn, right? …)

Your Big-A$$ Money Breakthrough!

My big money breakthrough came when I finally allowed myself to embrace my highly sensitive and intuitive side, gave myself permission to let the world see the powerhouse I really am, and allowed myself to make a sh*t-ton of money, easily and effortlessly.

In essence, I found my INNER RICH BITCH!

This is the Rich Bitch shirt I designed for myself, once mine had been unleashed! ;)

This is the Rich Bitch shirt I designed for myself, once mine had been unleashed! ;)

And yes, I did say that I make money easily and effortlessly

(In the past, I would have been super embarrassed to admit that money comes to me easily and that I’m not slaving away over here.)

There are no 24/7 hour days spent on social media or chasing down clients at networking meetings in this neck of the woods!

Like I mentioned, I am highly sensitive and that sort of stuff just drains me.

Over here, my happiness and keeping my energy high are my TOP priority…

And when I do that, my ideal clients FIND ME (out of the blue), and are a perfect match to work with me!

Money loves me, flows to me when I need it, and is always, ALWAYS there for me!!

For years, I was so worried to show the world my talents, my power, and my ability to make things happen. And I definitely didn’t want others to think I was a “bitch.” Eek!

However, it was actually when I embraced my INNER RICH BITCH that I finally allowed myself to step into my power and receive the money that has always been mine, because it’s my Divine birthright!

Yes, it’s okay to make money. Yes, it’s okay to be wealthy. Yes, it’s okay to have it all!!

(If you struggle with the “who am I?” question or worry about what others think, then this is DEFINITELY for you – keep reading!)

I am still HIGHLY spiritual, and one of the most honest, loving, and supportive people you will ever meet.

However, I am also a RICH BITCH, which means I am totally okay with making a lot of money, living my ideal life, and having it all!!

I am totally worth it, and so are YOU!

Before working with Mary Knebel, I felt lost about how to create bigger results in my business. Mary’s loving guidance and support was exactly what I needed in order to finally breakthrough to what I knew was possible but could not seem to get to on my own.

During our six months together, I manifested psychic reading and coaching clients at nearly double my previous fees, experienced several “money miracles” including $3K of income in a single day, and finally quit a part-time job that I had wanted to quit for years! Thank you so much Mary!” ~A. DeCotes, Psychic & Transformation Coach

Introducing my brand new “Find Your Inner Rich Bitch” VIP Intensive!

4-Hour Money Mindset Intensive (1)

Listen, it’s time for you to start making money in your spiritual business, and to show you the world who you really are!

I don’t care how spiritual or “good” you are… you are NOT meant to be struggling with paying your bills every month, and you can’t help ANYONE if you’re stuck in that mindset.

That’s why in this 4-hour VIP Intensive with me, we’re going to completely REWIRE your brain and your money mindset, so that you go from a poverty mindset to a wealthy, RICH BITCH mindset.

In our four hours together, you will:

Uncover the EXACT limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind that are preventing you from receiving money or are causing you to push it away

Install NEW, supportive beliefs into your subconscious that will attract money to you just like bees to honey (I do a form of energy healing that literally installs new beliefs into your subconscious mind!)

Create your new relationship with money, where money desires to show up for YOU and treat you like a supportive lover or partner

Clear any energetic blocks that are blocking money from flowing to you

Find your power and step into it, once and for all, because it is from THAT place that money will be magnetically attracted to you

Release any fears or worries that being visible or seen for who you are is scary or unsafe

Unleash your INNER RICH BITCH, so that you finally understand on a cellular level that you DO deserve money, that money loves you, and that money is always there for you!!!

I’m going to be honest with you here: When you truly heal your relationship with money, things like finding the right niche, and having the best website, and having the right marketing message become less essential.

Yes, they are still important (and we can touch on those if you need help with that), but when you TRULY heal your relationship with money, money will be so in love with you that it won’t be able to stay away!!

It took me awhile to finally understand that, but when I did it all suddenly clicked and fell into place…

Money will be all over you, trying to find ways to be there for you, give to you, and support you in living the life of your dreams!

(Trust me, I didn’t believe this stuff at first either… but now I totally see how it works!)

What you will receive as part of your VIP Intensive:

Four hours of one-on-one time with the Moneypreneur, Mary Knebel (typically split into two 2-hour sessions, done via phone or Skype)

Energetic healing (Theta healing) to install new beliefs on a subconscious and energetic level

30+ page workbook of exercises and energetic downloads that you can refer to over and over again (will make the changes PERMANENT)

List of twenty beliefs you MUST have in order to embrace your INNER RICH BITCH and all the money that is yours by Divine right

Examples of my daily mindset practices and rituals (truly PRICELESS!)

Four hours of email support between your two sessions for any questions or celebrations you have!

Mary rocks! I highly recommend her if you’re anyone who has dealt with any fears around money or maybe hasn’t really understood how to play the money game. She is super sweet, super compassionate and easily steps into a Divine Big Sis role to help you heal your old money drama and heal your relationship with money once and for all! She puts her connection to Source first in the money making game and that is so crucial for easy manifesting! She’ll hold your hand every step of the way! She’s also great at helping you restructure your biz offerings so you can get off the single session roller coaster and easily step into consistent 5k, 10k, even 20k months. I love you, Mary!” ~A.P., Alternative Healing Therapist & Transformation Life Coach

Your Money Transformation is Right This Way!

I get it… it is really, REALLY scary to step into your power and embrace the wealthy, successful woman who is hiding out inside of you. At least, for me it was!!

I was TERRIFIED to show the world my strength and my power, because I am highly spiritual, and loving, and wanted everyone else to like me.

Here’s what I realized, though: It is my Divine birthright to live the life that is calling to me, and that includes being wealthy and having it all!

And it is YOUR Divine birthright, as well. I guarantee it!

I have the map, and I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to transform your relationship with money so that it LOVES being around you and just can’t stay away (psst, while I was creating this sales page I sold an ebook because money loves flowing to me!).

You are enough. You have always been enough. And you always WILL be enough.

In fact, you are MORE than enough… and once you finally accept that, that’s when your money will start to show up as more than enough too ;)

YOUR INVESTMENT: The price for this 4-Hour VIP Intensive is $1997.

This represents an investment in YOURSELF and your FUTURE SUCCESS.

You are worth every single penny of this investment, and then some!!!

If you are not able to pay-in-full, I offer a convenient payment plan for two payments of $1197.

If you select the two-payment option below, we will split your VIP Intensive into two 2-hour sessions and your second payment will be due before your second session.

Select your payment option below and as soon as I receive payment, I will contact you immediately to set up your VIP Intensive!!

Any questions at all, feel free to email me directly at

I see you, I believe in you, and you are ENTIRELY worth it!!!

Inner Rich Bitch (4)Inner Rich Bitch (3)

There is a LOT of healing going on right now on the planet and a TON of heavy emotions are being brought to the surface once and for all to be released.

(It’s happening over here, too!)

Women, especially, are being called to resolve their issues around POWER, being seen for who they truly are, and just plain being vulnerable.

You no longer have to HIDE who you are, play small so others aren’t threatened or offended by you, or act like you’re not the powerful badass you are.

Seriously, it is YOUR TIME to stop being such a good girl and START being a powerful, strong woman who just happens to also make a great living doing what she loves!

It’s time to embrace your Inner Rich Bitch :)

Inner Rich Bitch (4)Inner Rich Bitch (3)

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