Empowered Money Goddess

Money Intuitive, Mary Knebel (and her magical assistant, Paris!)

Money Intuitive, Mary Knebel (and her magical money assistant, Paris!)

Dear highly sensitive, spiritual, gifted, intuitive entrepreneur:

I know why you’re here…

You’re making money in your business, maybe even decent money!

Your bills are paid each month, and you’re even starting to enjoy some luxuries now and then.

You know this entrepreneurial path is the right path for you, and things are (slowly) falling into place.

You have clients, maybe a small following, and you’re gaining some notoriety.

You KNOW your business is going to work (you’re DEF not going back to get a J-O-B).

And yet, it feels like something’s missing.

Making money is still a struggle and not as easy as you’d like.

It feels like there’s much more calling to you now…

It’s About SO Much More Than Just the Money…

I’ll be honest with you… when I started my business, I had plenty of my own money sh*t to heal.

We teach what we need to learn, right?!

And I have plenty of “war stories” I could share about those first few months as a struggling entrepreneur (we all have ‘em!).

However, now that I’ve gotten a handle on my money stuff (and don’t really have to worry about money anymore, I KNOW it’s always there for me), I’m seeing that there’s SOOO much more out there!!

My business is doing great, I’ve upleveled my wardrobe, I get weekly massages, I have a cleaning lady who comes twice a month, I travel and stay in luxury hotels, I work with high-level mentors… life is good!

Yet now that I’ve done that, I’m ready for even MORE (and I bet YOU are, too).

Trust me, when you’ve gotten your money stuff under control, it frees up a lot of time and energy for more important things in life!

It’s Time to Embrace Your Power, Woman!

rsz_pguhtbv48noeanbrmpxhFor me, this journey has been about giving myself PERMISSION to show up as the powerful woman that God has designed me to be.

Because after thirty-seven years of trying to hide that part of me and make her go away, I realized she’s not going anywhere!!

Besides, a coach lovingly told me once that everyone could already see that side of me… and were just waiting for me to see it myself, ahem.

And what’s even better about all this, is that I’ve discovered that the more I show up as the FULL, authentic expression of myself, who is powerful and connected to Source, the more that MONEY just flows to me, from all sorts of directions. It just does!

I have truly mastered my relationship with money, so that it’s no longer an issue for me.

Because it literally shows up in RESPONSE to my power and full expression of myself.

So many of us women have been taught that standing in our power and really showing up is negative and that others will be threatened, jealous, or resentful (or some version of that).

However, it’s actually in EMBRACING your power that you free others to do the same.

When you show up fully and share your gifts and talents with the world, that’s actually when you’re the most CONNECTED to the Divine.

And that’s when you really start to tap into the abundant FLOW of the Universe!

Because once you truly TRUST that the Universe will always, always provide for you… it always, always does!

Money is just energy. And you can MASTER your own energy, so that you are magnetic to money, your ideal clients, amazing opportunities, your perfect relationships, etc.

Let me tell you: it is a completely different way of living than I have ever lived before, or that I even knew was possible.

And it feels AMAZING!

I feel supported, provided for, and cared for, and I know the Universe always has my back and is leading me towards everything I want.

I have a feeling this is what YOUR soul is calling you towards, as well…

You Are Meant for SO Much More!

If you’re on this page, then I KNOW that your soul is calling your forward, towards BIGGER things.

You are meant for SO MUCH MORE (and deep down you’ve always known this!).

Allow me to paint a picture of your future for you…

You’re consistently generating $10-20k months in your spiritual business, with LOTS of ease and very little effort (woot!).

You work with ONLY the most ideal clients who are perfect and amazing for YOU, because you have that luxury and because your AUTHENTIC marketing only pulls those clients in.

You show up FULLY and in your POWER, in all areas of your life. (With money, in your marketing, in relationships, with your clients, with others, etc.)

You never even have to think about money anymore, because you KNOW it is always there for you in every way imaginable (and it is!).

You feel SUPPORTED by money, partially because this is your new set-poin and vibration around and partially because you’ve set up sales funnels that make money for you automatically and on auto-pilot.

You know you’re here on a MISSION and you realize it’s now time for you to live your PURPOSE, day in and day out.

You’re no longer available to play small, worry about what others think, or live in fear of outshining others. (Been there, done that!)

You are no longer willing to apologize for having needs, taking up space, attracting attention, or being BIG, POWERFUL, and SUCCESSFUL. (It is your Divine birthright, after all!)

You have a self-care practice that puts YOU first, helps you recharge and RE-ENERGIZE, and is non-negotiable (aka, guilt-free!)

You’re not into the whole “hustling” thing (and never have been), and prefer to use your magical powers of intuition and energy sensitivity to call in your most perfect and ideal clients and create amazing opportunities in your business (and life).

You have finally EMBRACED (and it took awhile!) that you are a super powerful BADASS woman who cannot be stopped.

You have BIG dreams and desires that you are no longer willing to deny or shrink away from.

You have accepted that you have these dreams and desires precisely because they are MEANT for you, and that the Universe is just waiting for you to say YES to deliver them right to your doorstep!

You are no longer okay with apologizing to others about how EASY your life looks from the outside, because it really CAN be that amazing (and others can have it too if they want!).

You live your life from a place of constant GRATITUDE, which not only fills you up from the inside out, but also MAGNETIZES even more things to your life to be grateful for!

Am I right?!

Darling, your soul is calling you to become an…

Empowered Money Goddess


This is my newest (and Divinely channeled) high-end coaching program that I am SUPER excited to share with you!!

Seriously, this is BY FAR the best thing I have offered yet!

This is for the woman who is ready to LIVE from a place of extreme abundance in all areas of her life, who KNOWS and TRUSTS that her needs are always met, and who has such an AMAZING relationship with money that she never has to worry about money again. Instead, she can use all her energy to show up, serve, and show the world the powerful f’in badass you are!!!

Simply, you are ready to experience money as love, abundance, power, and expansion!

You desire to make decisions from a place of LOVE, FAITH, and TRUST, rather than fear, worry, and anxiety.

You are ready to embrace your POWER, and BE the woman you have been Divinely designed to be.

And because it’s hard to SERVE when you’re worried about bills and expenses and where your next client is going to come from, this program is ALSO designed to help you generate consistent $10-20k months in your spiritual business!

THIS is the way of the Empowered Money Goddess.

THIS is your next step.


Create $10-20k Months in Your Business!

This program is NOT for the faint of heart… because you WILL be upleveled and expanded in ways you’ve never even dreamed of before!!

However, this program is FOR the woman who is sick of her own excuses, and is ready to live from her center of POWER, day in and day out. In ALL areas of her life.

You are ready to live from FAITH, not fear.


Learn how to create consistent $10-20k months in your spiritual business, with ease and grace (aka, no hustling or pushing)
Work only with the most amazing and ideal clients for YOU (no compromises!)
Create AUTHENTIC marketing for your business, which instantly MAGNETIZES all of your ideal clients to your virtual doorstep
Have a business that serves and SUPPORTS you (cookie cutter approaches do NOT work)
Create the most fabulous relationship with money, so that it is the most reliable thing in your life (really!)
Uplevel your self-worth to extreme heights (higher self-worth leads to a higher net worth!)
Set up sales funnels that make you money automatically and on auto-pilot
Raise your prices so that you’re charging what you’re REALLY worth (not what you think others will pay)
Learn how to work with an ABUNDANCE of time so that you’re actually working LESS but making MORE money
Create a self-care plan that always puts YOU first, so that you can re-charge, re-energize, and always be at the top of your game (you’ll be able to afford it, too!)
Set boundaries with others and ditch any old codependency habits you’re still holding onto
Show up FULLY in the world, no matter what others think (this is TRUE freedom!)
Learn how to RECEIVE at a greater level than ever before, because you know that the more you receive the more you can SERVE
Become truly MAGNETIC to money, your ideal clients, all of your desires (and maybe even your ideal relationship!)
Embrace that you’re ready to leave an IMPACT and have INFLUENCE over others
Create a LUXURY luxury lifestyle that’s adapted for your tastes and preferences
Enlist massive SUPPORT in your life, whether that looks like a VA, a weekly massage visit, a cleaning lady, a personal assistant, etc.
Stop giving your power away to others, and instead rely on your OWN personal source of power to create everything you’ve ever wanted in this lifetime
Start living from the BIG VISION that you have for your life (it’s been hiding out in the back of your mind for awhile, but you haven’t given yourself permission to LIVE from that place yet!)

In short, I’ve designed this program for you because it’s what your SOUL is calling you to do, and I know you’ve learned by now that the more you try to silence that part of you the LOUDER it screams at you!

“Mary, I have to thank you! You have totally and completely changed my OLD story of money struggle to one of financial empowerment…BIG TIME! I feel re-programmed! The bottom line is it doesn’t matter how much money you are making …if you don’t have the money beliefs, or the deep faith that money is always, always there for you, you will continue to feel disempowered around money and it’s ability to support you in living the life you could only dream of!

You helped me understand it was OK to own my power as a spiritual woman. I once had a mentor tell me that your wealth is in your power! Well I believe that’s true, because as soon as I really committed to my path (thanks to you), and stood in my power, raising my prices became a joyful easy experience!! Logically I know this, but there were some layers that I needed to move through to completely feel good about it!

Receiving the life I desire has never felt so good…thanks to you! You are truly walking your talk!”
~Tara Preston, The Beauty Shaman for spirited women entrepreneurs, www.sacredfemininepath.com

The Divine Roadmap to ALL of Your Desires!

They say that everything you want is on the other side of fear.

The Empowered Money Goddess doesn’t even believe in fear anymore, or get tripped up by it. She just notices it and keeps on moving!

She has spent the majority of her life until now living in fear and trying to make others happy… and she is OVER IT!!

Your desires are actually SHOWING you the way to your future. They are like your Divine roadmap to everything you’ve ever wanted!

They are revealing to you what is not only POSSIBLE for you, but what is WAITING for you.

They are literally LEADING you along the path to everything you’ve ever wanted, and more!


The Empowered Money Goddess knows that all of the amazing things she’s desiring are calling to her… NOW.

And quite frankly, she’s sick of waiting!

She’s been doing the work and now she wants the GOODS.

She knows that she can no longer let things get in the way of serving her PURPOSE and fulfilling her MISSION.

There are people out there right now, WAITING for her to step up and SERVE.

She has accepted that she is meant for BIG things in this world, and she is ready to CLAIM them!

And she is DEFINITELY no longer available to let money stand in her way or stop her from going after what she wants.

“”I have loved, loved, loved working with Mary! It has been life-changing for me! It’s been such a pleasure and so much fun – like working with a friend who totally has my back, is totally there for me, supports me with insights in my blind spots, and isn’t afraid to call me on my blocks or invite me to rise to a challenge. I had my first couple of $7k months and then my first $17k month!! I’ve lost so much of my fear around money. I now *have* money!

During the time we were working together I came out of hiding and have grown my own wonderful group on Facebook, and am working at a whole new level with amazing clients I love.

I’ve been on trips to Europe, bought a new car, taken up a new sport, changed my wardrobe and massively increased my self-care. I feel a new confidence in myself that shows up in every area of my life. It was just brilliant! :-)”
~Janine Thorp, Intuitive Mentor, Healer and Teacher, www.JanineThorpe.com

Become an Empowered Money Goddess

Are YOU ready to CLAIM your desires, your dream life, and everything you’ve EVER wanted?

Are you ready to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION to start living the life that’s on your vision board?

Are you ready to STEP UP and SERVE at levels you’ve never even dreamed of before?

Darling, you are a Divine jewel and you are WORTHY of receiving everything your heart is calling you towards!

Seriously, THIS is the program you’ve been waiting for! It’s the program I’ve been waiting for and never found, so I created it myself ;)


Sixteen 45-minute calls with me (usually one per week) where you will receive extreme support in the areas of mindset work, business strategy, and anything that is specifically coming up for you at that time
Energy healing and downloads to address your specific needs, including removing energy blocks and limiting beliefs, and downloading new empowering beliefs directly into your subconscious mind (on-the-spot!)
Unlimited email access and check-ins for additional support throughout the entire course of the program (yes, I said unlimited!)
The Empowered Money Goddess Manual, which will serve as your new BIBLE for achieving everything you’ve ever desired and more!
BONUS 2-hour kickoff session designed just for YOU around your specific money goals and desires, where we will plan out your journey and remove any energy blocks or limiting beliefs that are in your way (this is my specialty!)
BONUS “Money Magnet Audio Bundle” with six guided meditations + energy downloads (my clients RAVE about these and listen to them daily)
BONUS “Money Mastery Audio Bundle” with six guided meditations + energy downloads (designed to help address your biggest blocks around money)

This is a four-month intensive in becoming the wealthy, empowered, successful woman you came here to be, while becoming TRULY MAGNETIC to all of your desires, including money, ideal clients, luxury travel, etc.

And you will receive a TON of SUPPORT!

Ask any of my clients, I do not believe in half-assing the coaching relationship (or anything in life!). I am with you ALL the way; which is why most of my clients renew with me, over and over again.

I am in the trenches with you, helping you heal your money sh*t once and for all so you can become the woman you are meant to BE!

Because from this place, it’s like the Universe throws open its doors and gives you everything you’ve ever desired… and more!

Think about it: How can the Universe say “no” to you when YOU are saying “YES” to yourself?


Your investment in this program is $10,000.

(If you are able to pay in full, I’m happy to offer it to you for only $7,500!)

At this stage in the game, you KNOW that investing in yourself and your business is required (and a HUGE part of the process!).

And more importantly, this particular program is DESIGNED to teach you to make decisions from a place of ABUNDANCE, LOVE, and TRUST.

We are kicking fear and lack around money to the curb!!

When you invest in yourself through this program, you are literally STEPPING INTO your future self as an Empowered Money Goddess, who never ever has to worry about money again!

This program is ALSO designed to help you generate consistent $10-20k months in your business, and your investment is just a fraction of that.

What If I Told You…

What if I told you that the Universe/God/Source wants to give you EVERYTHING you’ve ever desired and more?

And that the only reason you’re not currently experiencing it is because YOU are resisting it and getting in your own way?!

Now, I’m not saying this to be judgemental at ALL… I have totally, totally been there!!

For many, many years I couldn’t allow myself to RECEIVE all the good that the Universe wanted to give me because I was caught up in old stories of unworthiness, fears about what other people would think, and limiting beliefs about standing in your power as a woman and outshining others, etc.

However, this is YOUR TIME.

And your soul is not going to let you play small anymore!!! (I know you’ve been trying, lol.)

If you are READY to become an Empowered Money Goddess, CLICK BELOW to make your initial payment of $2,500 and get started ASAP!!

Sign me up!

Once you make your payment, you will immediately receive an email with next steps so we can get you started on your journey to becoming an Empowered Money Goddess right away!

Questions about if this is the right fit for you? Email me at Mary@Moneypreneurs.com to set up a {complimentary} time to chat :)

Sign me up!

Wishing you endless amounts of money, love, and abundance! <3

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