Create Your First $10k Month (or more!) in Your Spiritual Business

Dear Highly Sensitive, Intuitive, Gifted, Spiritual Entrepreneur:

MaryGreetings, fellow spiritual warrior :)

If you’ve found your way to this page, then I probably already know a lot about you…

You absolutely KNOW you are meant to be making big bucks in your spiritual business, but haven’t quite fully put it all together yet (and wonder when you can stop investing in your biz and start actually MAKING money)

You are highly SENSITIVE, as well as incredibly intuitive, and are eager to find a way to market your spiritual business that doesn’t include attending endless networking meetings or posting constantly on Facebook or other social media sites

You’ve felt like it’s your TIME for a while now, but things still aren’t turning out the way you had hoped (where’s the money, clients, and freedom?!)

You see all these other women on-line running successful, HIGHLY PROFITABLE businesses, working with ideal clients, and travelling the world, and you’re secretly asking yourself “What’s she got that I don’t?!”

You’ve probably experienced some good months and have even had $5k-$10k months, but it’s definitely not consistent and you’re still on the feast or famine roller coaster

You’re sick of working ALL the time on your business, and you’re ready for ideal clients to be finding YOU out of the blue and have it be easy

You’re ready to be supported in your life on ALL levels, and you’re ready for your first VA (or two)

You desperately yearn to stop the whole “just getting by” thing, and desire to make MORE than enough money, every single month (hello spa treatments, weekly massages, and a housekeeper!)

You’re SERIOUSLY ready to heal your money sh*t once and for all and start making a TON of money in your spiritual business, doing what you LOVE!

You are in the right place!

The Universe Has Your Back…

My name is Mary Knebel and I am a certified Money Breakthrough Coach and Money Intuitive.

For YEARS I knew I was destined for something greater than the soul-sucking corporate job I was in.

I KNEW I had tremendous talent and potential, and yet there was a whole host of issues that kept getting in my way.

Here’s just a sampling:

My relationship with money was horribly dysfunctional, which meant I was super scared to leave my j-o-b and steady paycheck, even though I hated it and couldn’t wait to get out of there

I was terrified of truly being visible and showing the world the REAL me (including the spiritual, woo woo side which is a HUGE part of who I am)

I didn’t want others to see how smart, powerful, or creative I am because I thought they would be jealous, threatened, or resentful of me

I didn’t know it at the time, but I am HIGHLY sensitive and was taking on everyone else’s energy around me, which just served to keep me stuck, drained, and feeling hugely overwhelmed

I was codependent, so I put everyone else’s needs before mine and didn’t even know what a boundary was

My romantic relationships were all wrong for me, but I couldn’t seem to leave them or attract anything different

Basically, my life was a MESS!!

IMG-20140911-02079From the outside it looked like I had it all together: Fancy condo in Washington, DC, a series of stable corporate jobs, absolutely zero debt at the time (I was too terrified to spend money, so instead I lived on a super small budget and never spent ANY money on myself).

However, inside I KNEW I was living a life that was NOT meant for me…

And yet, my relationship with money was so messed up I couldn’t make any changes (or, I didn’t think I could).

Eventually, the Universe couldn’t stand to see me suffer anymore, so I got laid-off from my corporate job, not once, but twice!

(I was a little resistant at first; you may be able to relate ;)

The Universe always has our back and our highest interests in mind, though, even when we can’t see it or understand how it’s all gonna work out.

I got certified by one of the best money coaches around (Kendall SummerHawk), cleaned up my money stuff, left DC, moved back to the Midwest to be closer to family, got an adorable little Maltese puppy named Paris, and started helping other spiritual women just like you!

Can you relate to any of this?

Do you feel powerless and out of control around money?

Are you struggling to market your business, find clients, or charge rates that actually allow you to do more than just pay the bills on a consistent basis?

Are you sick of working on yourself endlessly and not seeing any positive results in your bank account?

Are you ready to stop working SO hard on your business, so that you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labor?
Do you wish you could finally start enjoying the lifestyle you thought you were signing up for when you started your business?

Hold tight, I have amazing news for you!!!

It’s Your Time!

Since you’re a spiritual warrior, you already know that right now is all about really embracing our spiritual paths and opening up to the powerful women we are becoming.

There’s no more holding back… It’s your time! It is your time to SHINE that light and start making a killing doing so.

(Psst, it’s VERY spiritual to make money! Money is just a TOOL that allows us to expand into our biggest, best selves.)

It is your time to heal your relationship with money once and for all, so that money starts pursuing YOU, rather than the other way around.

It’s your time to start making money, doing what you love, and feeling absolutely SUPPORTED and adored by money, your business, and the entire world around you.

You need to learn that money is HERE for you, WANTS to provide for you, and is just WAITING for you to say YES to letting it in so you can live the life of your dreams!

You are meant for a life of luxury, self-care, and receiving blessings from your feminine energy, rather than pushing so hard from your masculine energy.

The Universe has given us our directive, and it is our time to SHINE and play full out, NOW.

You have a mission, a PURPOSE, that God is waiting for you to carry out.

Believe me, there are people out there RIGHT NOW who need what you have to offer; however, you can’t serve them if you’re playing small, hiding in fear, and have an f’ed up money situation.

Sorry, but it’s true.

YOU are a healer, a coach, or mentor of some sort, but you can’t help anyone if you can’t help yourself!!

Listen, it’s time for you to DO THIS and get out of your own way!

You are here to SERVE, and you can’t serve others when you’re worried about how you’re going to pay your bills or where money is going to come from.

You need to be consistently earning MORE than enough money, so you can truly focus on your PURPOSE and helping others with what you came here to do!


“Create Your First $10k Month (or more!)
Your Spiritual Business.”

I’ve been speaking with many of you lately, and you feel like you’re doing the work, your business is starting to gain some momentum, you’ve had some great months, yet at the end of the day you’re still not where you’d like to be (sometimes nowhere close).

You know that once you hit that first $10k month (or more) you’ll be able to rinse and repeat, but you’re not quite sure how to get there in the first place…

This is where I come in!

I have created a BRAND NEW exclusive one-on-one coaching program called “Create Your First $10k Month (or more!) in Your Spiritual Business.”

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to create your first $10k month (or more!) in your spiritual business, and hold your hand throughout the entire process.

Ask my clients and they’ll tell you HOW much support I provide and what a powerful container I create for change and transformation.

If you do the work, there’s NO WAY you’re not hitting that $10k mark!!

If you’ve already hit $10k and want to go for $15k or $20k, then that’s what we’ll make happen!

One of my very first clients had a $20k month after working with me for just four months (her highest month up until then was $4k.)

Another client had NO idea where she was going to get the money to work with me, but she knew she needed to invest in herself and her business. She made the powerful decision to say YES, and not only manifested the money to sign up, but she had her very first $5,000 week that same week!

Another client had been struggling to leave her part-time job for SIX years, and within two months of working with me she had a $3,000 DAY (all in cash) and kicked that part-time job to the curb a few weeks later!

My people get RESULTS.

(In fact, this program used to be called “Create Your First $5k Month (or more!) in Your Spiritual Business,” but people were hitting that $5k mark so quickly I had to change the title and focus of the program!)

14470495_10210370338831867_6174187235834408664_nHere’s the thing: I KNOW you’ve already worked with coaches before, and you may even have a coach right now.

However, the reason you’re not getting the results you want is because those typical business coaching programs don’t offer support around healing your “money stuff.”

And when your money stuff isn’t healed, all the marketing techniques in the world won’t help.

However, when you DO heal your money stuff, all the marketing techniques in the world aren’t required anymore!!

Also, and this is very rare among coaches these days, I am also an energy healer and Money Intuitive… which means I can intuitively tune into your blocks around MONEY, and help you clear them on-the-spot!

I literally have a process where I can remove limiting beliefs and install new, more empowering beliefs directly into your subconscious mind.

(Seriously, that alone is HUGE!!!).

Because when you TRULY believe that money loves you and is there for you (which is what I help you create within yourself), then you don’t have to worry so much about having the right niche, or the perfect message, or the best website around.

All of that helps, of course. However, without the right money foundation they’re just like a band-aid covering up deeper wounds.

You will still end up pushing money and clients away.

“Mary, I have to thank you! You have totally and completely changed my OLD story of money struggle to one of financial empowerment…BIG TIME! I feel re-programmed! The bottom line is it doesn’t matter how much money you are making …if you don’t have the money beliefs, or the deep faith that money is always, always there for you, you will continue to feel disempowered around money and it’s ability to support you in living the life you could only dream of!

You helped me understand it was OK to own my power as a spiritual woman. I once had a mentor tell me that your wealth is in your power! Well I believe that’s true, because as soon as I really committed to my path (thanks to you), and stood in my power, raising my prices became a joyful easy experience!! Logically I know this, but there were some layers that I needed to move through to completely feel good about it!

Receiving the life I desire has never felt so good…thanks to you! You are truly walking your talk!”
~Tara Preston, The Beauty Shaman for spirited women entrepreneurs,

Here’s What You Get, Hot Stuff!

In this program, I’m helping you heal your money stuff AND giving you the business coaching you need to help you create your first $10k month (or more) in your business.

Plus, I also use a special energy healing technique to help you install new, more empowering beliefs into your subconscious mind… on the spot!

And I’m telling you, THAT is not happening in traditional business coaching programs!

This is a four-month one-on-one coaching program with me, where you will:

Get to the root of and RELEASE your money blocks, once and for all
Transform your relationship with money, so that money LOVES being around you and shows up constantly, both from expected and unexpected sources
Transform your relationship with success, so that you feel good about making a lot of money and are no longer worried about what friends and family members will think if you’re earning A LOT of money and doing well in your business
Learn how to receive SUPPORT in your life, in the form of VA’s, OBM’s, childcare, personal trainers, housekeepers, etc.
Create a self-care plan and budget, while upleveling your environment, so that your entire life reflects the wealthy woman you are becoming (and who is waiting to be released!)
Heal your issues with visibility, so that you’re confident about putting yourself out there, getting clients, and attracting attention and exposure for your business
Put your IRRESISTIBLE packages together, so that making $10k a month (or more) is a piece of cake
Raise your prices, so that you’re charging what you’re REALLY worth, and feel confident and amazing about it
Start attracting clients who ALWAYS find the money to work with you, no matter what, so that you never again hear the dreaded “I can’t afford it”
Learn how to use your ENERGY to magnetically draw in your ideal clients (this is what I do!) so that endless networking meetings and social media “stalking” is a thing of the past
Use your intuition to lead your business, so that you always KNOW you are being Divinely guided to the next big thing
Set boundaries in your business so that you never feel drained, burnt out, or exhausted again and ONLY work with ideal clients from this point forward
Stop pushing so hard to make things happen from your masculine energy, and learn to RECEIVE money and clients from your feminine energy
Allow yourself to be SUPPORTED by money, the Universe, and life as a whole
Create your first $10k month (or more) in your business (woot!)

PLUS, you will also receive as a BONUS my “Find Your Inner Rich Bitch” Money Mindset VIP Intensive, to kickoff the entire program!

In this four-hour virtual VIP Day, we get to the heart of ALL your money stuff and clear it, so that moving forward we can focus on creating your first $10k month (or more!). You’re getting this for FREE.

(More deets about the intensive here.)

Over the course of the four months, you will receive:

Sixteen total 45-minute calls with me (usually one per week), where we focus on mindset work, business strategy, and energy healing as needed to remove blocks or whatever is coming up for you at the time

Unlimited email access in between calls (yes, I said “unlimited” and I actually think this is one of the best parts of the program, because I provide amazing email support and it’s like you have me “in your back pocket” at all times)

The BONUS “Find Your Inner Rich Bitch” VIP Intensive (valued at $1997 – yours for FREE)

A thirty-plus page workbook filled with exercises, energy downloads, visualizations, mindset tricks, PLUS the list of top twenty beliefs you MUST have if you want money to LOVE you ;)


Honestly, I could charge a ridiculously high price for this, and there are plenty of people out there who would pay it.

I pack a TON of value and support into everything I do.

And we’ve all seen those super high-end coaching packages out there!!

I know that this program is easily valued at over $20,000, and you’re getting the VIP Intensive (which normally costs $1997) as a BONUS!

However, I’m not charging anywhere close to that because I know that when you’re coming from a place of money fears or “money stuff,” it’s not always feasible or just feels like too much of a stretch.

Plus, I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money to get MASSIVE results.

I’ve decided that the investment for this program is only $7,499.

(If you’re able to pay-in-full, it’s only $6,000; otherwise I do offer a payment plan.)

If you want to create your first $10k month in your spiritual business, then you need to be willing to invest in yourself and your business.

Once you learn the formula, you’ll be able to rinse and repeat as often as you like!

Honestly, the lifetime benefits and value of this program are priceless.

“I have loved, loved, loved working with Mary! It has been life-changing for me! It’s been such a pleasure and so much fun – like working with a friend who totally has my back, is totally there for me, supports me with insights in my blind spots, and isn’t afraid to call me on my blocks or invite me to rise to a challenge. I had my first couple of $7k months and then my first $17k month!! I’ve lost so much of my fear around money. I now *have* money!

During the time we were working together I came out of hiding and have grown my own wonderful group on Facebook, and am working at a whole new level with amazing clients I love.

I’ve been on trips to Europe, bought a new car, taken up a new sport, changed my wardrobe and massively increased my self-care. I feel a new confidence in myself that shows up in every area of my life. It was just brilliant! :-)”
~Janine Thorp, Intuitive Mentor, Healer and Teacher,

Money Loves Me!

14590363_10210395727186560_2039822625300596482_nThese days, I no longer struggle with money or wonder where it’s coming from.

I work from home with my adorable assistant, Paris, travel several times a year, have like-minded spiritual friends all over the world, and have a tribe of deeply spiritual, supportive women who are following their own paths.

I make thousands of dollars a month (sometimes a week) doing what I love, and can’t imagine doing anything else!!

I’ve dedicated 2016 to luxury and self-care, so I’ve recently started getting weekly massages and hired a housekeeper.

I create popular programs, challenges, free reports, etc. and am using my spiritual gifts and talents to create a better world.

My social media posts consistently attract a LOT of attention, and as a result my clients always find ME (not the other way around).

Many of my clients who came to me with massive money fears now help their clients with healing their money stuff, and we’re all helping create massive change and ripple effects all over the world.

My romantic relationships have changed SOOO much for the better, because as I healed my relationship with money, everything else in my life shifted as well.

It’s like the phrase says, “How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

I’m going to teach you how to do all of this yourself, in your own business!

I can absolutely GUARANTEE you that there is NOTHING else out there like this, at least not that I’ve seen.

You get the money coaching PLUS the business coaching, PLUS the energy healing, PLUS the kickoff VIP Intensive where we uncover heal your money stuff right away, PLUS a hugely supportive container where I am there for you every step of the way, cheering you on and holding your hand.

My clients always RAVE about how much support they feel from me and how much LOVE I give them.

And that’s no accident. The more you can learn to feel truly loved and supported by your coach (me!), the more easily you will be able to open and receive love and support from money and the Universe as a whole!

If you’ve been struggling with creating your first $10k month (or more) in your business for awhile now, then you OWE it to yourself to get the support you need!

Stop trying to do it all on your own. You DESERVE support. You DESERVE to invest in yourself and the future of your business.

Besides, if you could figure out how to do it all by yourself, you would have done it by now!

You need a personal cheerleader (me!) by your side, helping you release those money blocks so you can powerfully move forward in your vision.

Let the Universe know you are SERIOUS about healing your money stuff and making money in your spiritual business, and let’s get started!!

“Before working with Mary, I felt lost about how to create bigger results in my business. Mary’s loving guidance and support was exactly what I needed in order to finally breakthrough to what I knew was possible but could not seem to get to on my own. During our six months together, I manifested psychic reading and coaching clients at nearly double my previous fees, experienced several “money miracles” including $3K of income in a single day, and finally quit a part-time job that I had wanted to quit for years! Thank you so much, Mary!”
~Adrianne DeCotes, Intuitive Success Coach,


If you would like to set up a call with me to make sure this is a good fit for you, click here to set up a time to talk or request a time in the pop-up box below.

You are so worth it. You deserve this. You deserve to make a sh*t-ton of money in your business and have it be easy!!

I can show you how ;)

(If you don’t think you need the entire four months of support, but still need some help around releasing limiting beliefs, clearing energy blocks, and learning the mindsets you MUST have in place to be successful in your business, then I highly encourage you to consider doing the “Find Your Inner Rich Bitch” 4-hour Money Mindset VIP Intensive. It’s a four-hour one-on-one virtual intensive with me, which you can do from the comfort of your own home!)

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact me at

Wishing you lots of love and abundance!!

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