Money Isn’t the Problem – You Are! (Ouch)

-Money Isn't the Problem - You are!I read a book years ago called, “Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are,” by Gary Douglas and Dain Heer. I don’t remember much of the specifics of the book, but the title and the idea has always stuck with me.

When it comes to money, most people have very complicated relationships with it and long-standing beliefs that money is hard to come by, it’s difficult to make money, money is bad, wanting money is greedy, etc. And most people DEFINITELY think that when it comes to money, money is the problem – not them.

The truth is, money is everywhere!

Don’t believe me? Look out your window and see the countless homes, buildings, and automobiles in your city. Those were all created with money. Take a drive through an expensive neighborhood and notice all the huge houses with pools in the backyards and nice cars in the driveway. Those people definitely have money. Open the paper or look on the internet at the latest figures for the stock market, and regardless of whether it is up or down today, that is all money!

There is no shortage of money.

Even in the biggest downturns of the economy, there are always people with money, business deals being made, new companies launching, people shopping and travelling the world, etc. Because there’s no lack of money; money is everywhere.

Now, YOU may not have as much money as you’d like and it may not be sitting in your bank account at this very moment. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t countless opportunities and ways for you to get money right at this very second.

I guarantee you that if you desperately needed money by the end of the week (say for an ill family member or something equally as important), you would find COUNTLESS ways to get that money. You might ask others to borrow the money, offer to babysit a neighbor’s child, do some dog-walking, hold a bake sale, sell old clothes on eBay, or reach out to some potential clients and offer your services. You would definitely do something and money would not be an issue.

Because money never really is the issue. It’s our willingness to do what it takes to GET the money, as well as our limiting beliefs around it that cause us problems.

When I wrote above about driving through the fancy neighborhoods with the pools in the backyards and the nice cars in the driveway, did that stir up any negative feelings within you? If so, there’s a limiting belief right there that is preventing you from having all the money you want. You may be telling yourself that rich people are greedy, or that you’ll never have money, or that it’s bad to want a lot of money because it’s not spiritual.

All of these beliefs have come up recently within my clients, and they are all ways that people prevent themselves from ultimately taking action and receiving all the money they’d like.

Because honestly, money is just energy and money is everywhere. Money is neither good nor bad, and money can come to you easily and effortlessly.

Money is not the problem – you are. (Ouch)

If I haven’t ruffled your feathers too much with this post and you’re ready to see where you might be causing your own problems with money (!), I invite you to apply for a complimentary Money Makeover Session with me so we can see where you are holding yourself back.

Truly, once you transform your relationship with money, it begins to FLOW in your life with ease and grace.

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