Making Money is a Piece of (Cup)Cake



Do you think making money is difficult?

Most people do!

Most people have VERY firm beliefs that making money is hard, it requires a lot of work and long hours, money doesn’t grow on trees, etc.

However, if you’ve ever looked at some the hardest working people on the planet, people who do a lot of physical labor for example, they’re not necessarily making a lot of money. In some cases, they’re not making very much at all! But they work really, really hard and a lot of hours.

Rich people do not necessarily work harder or longer, they work smarter. And more importantly, they have beliefs that tell them that making money is easy, which is where everything starts.

People make money (and LOTS of it) all the time, with very little effort. Think of investments, selling products online, receiving gifts or inheritances, the list is endless. There are numerous ways to make money that don’t require a lot of work or effort.

Ease is a choice.

Someone told me the other day that struggle is a choice.

Which means that ease is a choice. Which means that making money easily can also be a choice.

One of the reasons most people find it so difficult to make money is because of all the meanings they put on money and all the drama associated with it. We think money is bad, we’re greedy if we want it, it’s hard to make money, etc.

But think of something like going to the store to get a cupcake. You probably have absolutely ZERO emotional charge around that (unless you’re worried about all the calories from the cupcake). You have NO doubt in your mind that at any time you could get in your car, go to the grocery store or a bakery, and buy a cupcake. The store would have cupcakes, a variety in fact, and you could easily choose whichever one you like, pay for it, and then be on your way. No emotional or energetic charge, whatsoever.

However, when it comes to money, there are all KINDS of stories and dramas and meanings associated with it. One person can barely part with their money because they’re scared it will run out, another person can’t stop spending because they have no limits; one person doesn’t have any clue how much is in their bank account, while another person tracks every cent to the penny.

There are countless ways we all react to money and behave around it!

And because different people have different reactions when it comes to money, that’s how we know that all of these stories and meanings are not actually real. If you were to ask one hundred different people what they thought about money, you would get one hundred different answers.

Therefore, money is what you make of it. Money becomes what you think and feel about it.

So why not choose to decide that it’s easy to make money?

Why not choose to decide that you can go out today and get a new client, or find some money you didn’t know you had coming to you? It happens, you know!

Making money is as easy as buying cupcakes.

What if it were actually as easy to make money as it is to go get a cupcake?

What if the energy you had around going to get a cupcake were the exact same energy you had around going out and getting a client or making more money?

Can you imagine? Think about it now. Think about how EASY that feels…

I’ve said it before that money is neither good nor bad. It’s just energy, and it takes on whatever meaning we attach to it.

The same can be said for whether you think money is difficult or easy to make.

And I know which one I’m choosing ;)

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