How to Stop Feeling Pushy & Make More Sales

Sales = Service

Sales = Service

Last week I literally had three clients ask me how to feel less pushy when reaching out to potential clients.

Feeling salesy or pushy is a common fear among spiritual business owners and quite typical when you’re first starting out. After all, we’re in business to help and serve others and we definitely don’t want to come across as pushy!

However, if you’re stuck in the fear of not reaching out to others because you don’t want to be perceived a certain way, it’s going to ultimately prevent you from connecting with your ideal clients, making sales, and earning a great income from your spiritual business.

Making sales to your ideal clients can be easy, and you definitely don’t have to be like a sleazy car salesman to do it.

The fear of being too pushy actually tells me that you’re coming from the wrong angle and approaching sales from the wrong place.

Let’s shift this immediately!

Sales = Service

First things first, sales is NOT about you.

It’s not about how much money you’re making or how many clients you have.

Sales is about what you can do for the OTHER person.

Sales is not something you do to someone, it’s something you do FOR someone.

Sales = Service.

Some people also say that Sales = Love!

Here are my three tips to help you stop feeling pushy so you can make more sales:

    1) If you’re concerned with how you’re coming across to others, then you’re looking in the wrong direction.

Ultimately, we are in business to SERVE others through a product or service we offer.

We are not in business to gain approval and acceptance from others.

Sure, that may be an outcome of your work, but at the end of the day if you’re focused on coming across as too pushy you’re focused on the wrong thing. You’re focused on yourself and not the people you’re in business to help. Sorry, but it’s true!

    2) Take the focus off of YOU, and put it where it belongs: on the people you’re serving.

Does it really matter if someone thinks you’re coming across as pushy if what you’re offering can change or save their life? Nope! Not one bit.

Begin to focus more on how your product or service is going to enhance your client’s life, rather than worrying about how you look in their eyes.

Honestly, it really has nothing to do with you and everything to do with how you’re going to help your client. It’s not about you!

    3) Own the value of your product or service and stand behind it 100%.

If someone came to you with cancer and you had the cure for it, would you hold back and not tell them how you could save them? I hope not!

You would absolutely tell them everything you could about what you offer and do everything you could to get them to take your treatment.

You wouldn’t be concerned with coming across as pushy, because you would be more concerned with saving their life!

Even if your product or service is not the same as a cure for cancer, treat it like it is.

Get out there and tell people the benefits of what you offer, because your ideal clients will scoop it up as if it were a cure for cancer!

If You’re Playing Small…

Finally, let me leave you with this thought:

Again, you are in business to help or serve others in some way. How is it HELPING others to hold back and not reach out to them, especially if they are struggling with something that you can help them with?

If you are just hiding, playing small, and not sharing your business with others, that is NOT helping anyone!

People are out there right now, struggling with the very same issue or problem that you can help solve.

Get out there and help them!

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