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How to Create True Financial Security

51676fa6d7cdae134c045ddf5a7ff7f7I’ve been hearing from LOTS of sensitive, spiritual entrepreneurs lately that they’ve been rocked to their core recently, shifting and healing HUGE issues that have been holding them back their entire lives.

Which is exactly what everyone said 2015 would be all about!

We are making HUGE shifts on the planet and making room for new ways of being, including what I talk about below…

Can you relate to this?

Are you feeling these things as well?

What is True Financial Security?

So many of my clients come to me thinking that if they could just learn to make a certain amount of money a month (say $15,000), then everything would be great in their life and they would finally feel secure!

Then they make that amount and realize they need just a little more to alleviate their anxiety, or they start worrying about how they’re going to make that amount consistently.

Or they think if they can just figure out the exact steps to making that money every month then they’ll be fine.

And I can totally relate because I used to feel that way, too! (Like attracts like, right?)

But the truth is, security and peace comes from your connection with God or Source, not a number in your bank account!

Money simply amplifies the person you already are, including those dysfunctional behaviors that are already within you.

This is why lottery winners are always broke two years later! Because they haven’t taken the time to heal the money issues within.

This also explains why millionaires still worry about money, when they haven’t resolved the money issues they carry inside of them.

A sense of peace and security does NOT come from a number in your bank account.

(Hey, there’s not even real money in there! It’s a number on a computer screen!).

True security comes from being able to let go of control, truly SURRENDER, and trust and KNOW that God/Source/Universe has your back.

It means knowing that:

There is ALWAYS a bigger plan at work, even if you can’t see it or understand it

Money can come to you in INFINITE ways, at any time

Ultimately, money comes from Source (through people)

Bills have no power over you, unless you give them that power!

And it especially means knowing these things when bills are due and you have no freaking CLUE how you’re going to pay them!

Creating Financial Miracles…

In my own journey, I have truly become a master at pulling financial miracles out of my you-know-what at the last possible moment!

And I can tell you from those experiences that money comes from Source, because I could not have predicted those sources of income in my wildest dreams!

In each case, I’ve had to truly surrender to God and allow Him to provide for me.

However, this is where most of us get stuck in manifesting money…

We think we must know EXACTLY how the money is going to come to us, and by when.

But if we knew all that, then we wouldn’t need God!

If you’re trying to control the whole process and coming from your head, then you’ve left Source completely out of the equation.

This journey requires coming from FAITH, rather than fear.

It requires being open to miracles and knowing that money and opportunities are ALL around you and can come to you at ANY time.

It means trusting that there is a bigger power out there who is looking out for you, every step of the way (yes, even when bills are due and the LAST thing you want to do is surrender!).

Are You Coming from Faith or Fear?

So the next time you’re thinking about money, ask yourself if you’re coming from FAITH or fear.

Are you worried about where the money’s going to come from, or trusting that there is MORE than enough out there for you and that all you have to do is let it in?

Are you trying to figure out logically from your head how you’re going to make everything work, or surrendering to your heart and knowing that ultimately all answers come from your connection to God within?

I believe that these are the shifts we are all being asked to make during 2015 :)

If you’re feeling a lot of upheaval in your life or wondering WHEN things are finally going to work out for you, it’s possible that you are being called to make these shifts this year as well!

Remember, when things are not working it’s just a sign that it’s time for you to uplevel and step into something BIGGER!

(Yes, even when it’s scary…!)

It’s time for you to let go of the smaller version of yourself and expand into something much more powerful!

That’s where all the good stuff is ;)

If you’ve been feeling all of these shifts taking place around you this year and are ready to step into something more, I’d love to hear from you!

You can either send me an email at (or through the contact tab), or you’re always welcome to set up a time to chat with me here.

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