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Just Do It – Nike Style! Why Resolutions Don’t Work

Just Do It - Nike Style!

Just Do It – Nike Style!

My inbox is already being flooded with emails about how to set resolutions for the new year, and how to make my goals and dreams come true in 2014. But I’m not gonna set any resolutions this year. And I didn’t set any last year either. Know why?

Because resolutions don’t work!!

We all know this. Every January we set resolutions, and then by January 15 (if we even make it that far) we’ve already regressed to how things were the year before. The gym membership has already started collecting dust, as are the success books we were sure we were going to read daily, while the number of clients we hoped to attract to our business looks further and further away. And yet, we still set resolutions every year (often the same ones as the year before).

To me, resolutions seem like a way to “try” to make our dreams come true, but usually in the end we just give into our excuses about why we can’t make things happen and then go back to how things were before. We try year after year, but don’t really get too far. Resolutions seem to me like taking the easy way out.

This year, I’ve come up with a new plan. I’m just gonna do it, Nike style!

In the past year, and most importantly in the past few months, I’ve gone through so much transformation and I’ve finally realized what really works to get the results you want: taking action, and cutting through all the bullsh*t excuses you’ve been giving yourself about why you can’t do something.

Trust me, I was the QUEEN of excuses before. I was worried about the money, or worried what other people would think, or worried that someone wouldn’t approve of me, or worried that someone was holding me back, or this or that or this or that. It was exhausting! And it was just a bunch of excuses that kept me stuck, spinning my wheels, and not moving any closer to making my dreams come true. It kept me stuck in jobs I didn’t like, working with coaches who didn’t deliver, and trapped in relationships and friendships where I wasn’t really happy or getting my needs met. Yikes!!

What DOES work is taking action, getting things done, going for what you want, and not giving into those excuses anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, occasionally I still give into excuses, but now I know that the quicker I stop listening to them and get into action, the faster I will see results. Excuses keep you stuck, and no matter how “logical” they may seem to you (they always seem SUPER logical if they’re protecting you from doing something scary), they don’t get you any closer to where you want to be.

For example, if you want to get more clients, stop telling yourself it’s scary to talk to others because they might reject you, and instead pick up the phone and reach out to people who need your help! Or if you’ve been telling yourself it’s gonna be too hard to lose that extra 20 lbs, it’s time to get to the gym!! Or maybe you’ve been putting off hiring a coach or mentor because you’re telling yourself you can’t afford it. Honestly, you can’t NOT afford it, this is your life and your business!

I know you’re ready to get real results in 2014, and I know you can do this. Stop listening to all those reasons in your head about why you’re not ready, or how difficult it will be, or why it’s not the right time yet, and instead get yourself in the game! Life goes on, whether you like it or not, and in just 365 days it will be time to usher in another brand new year and you will be looking back (like you are now) to see what you accomplished in the year prior.

What will make all the difference in the world is not setting another same old resolution like you did the year before, but knowing what you want, pushing your fear and excuses to the side, and taking action no matter what. Just do it, Nike style!

Happy New Year!! :)


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