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How to Be A Magnet for Money

MoneyReikifalling-moneyChances are if you’re reading this, you’re a highly sensitive, intuitive, spiritual woman who has learned how to manifest some pretty cool things in her life.

However, you may still be struggling in the area of manifesting money!

So let me help you…

Do you want to know the secret to becoming HIGHLY magnetic to money?

You must learn to LOVE money… yes, love it!

(Did you just cringe when you read that? If so, keep reading!)

Your Relationship with Money

Most people have complicated relationships with money, based on years of mixed messages they’ve received and tons of limiting beliefs they have deep down, like it’s hard to make money, it’s not spiritual to want money, rich people are greedy, etc.

So while you may DESIRE lots of money, you might actually be pushing it away rather than receiving endless amounts in your bank account.

On the surface you may feel that your thoughts and beliefs are all positive; however, if it’s not showing up for you the way you’d like, chances are it’s not as positive as you think.

Think about money for a second… what are the first thoughts and feelings that come to mind?

Are they filled with love, joy, and gratitude for all the ways that money is there for you?

Or are they more centered around fear, doubt, and always feeling like you don’t have enough?

If it’s the latter, then that’s what needs to shift!

How to Become a Money Magnet!

Money is just energy, and as you change YOUR energy towards it money will start to show up differently for you!

Think about being in love…

When you’re in love with someone, you’re thinking about them constantly, focusing on everything you love about them, sending them loving feelings all day every day, etc. You love being with them, and they love being with you.

There’s like a magnetic force between the two of you. And all of a sudden you’re highly magnetic to other suitors, as well!

Love is magnetic, period. If you want to magnetize anything to you, send it thoughts and feelings of love.

Love is the most magnetic feeling in the world!

Therefore, if you want to become instantly magnetic to money, learn to LOVE money and flow as much love towards it as possible.

You can learn to love money and it will love you!

Learn to Love Money…

Yes, you can learn to love money!

I have learned to love money. I love what it can do for me, how it serves and supports me, and how it always shows up for me when I need it and overflows in my bank account.

But it wasn’t always like this!

I used to live in such FEAR around money, and that’s why I now do what I do. I felt so scared about what others would think if they knew I had money and enjoy the finer things that money can buy. I didn’t know how to make money in a way that felt good to me and lit me up.

But all of those thoughts and feelings around money were just pushing it away.

I had to completely recreate my relationship with money and learn how to LOVE it!

I had to learn how to trust and rely upon money to be there for me, even when I didn’t know how it would show up. I had to stop caring so much about what others think.

I had to learn to love money and allow it to love me.

Once I did that, everything changed.

That’s what is TRULY magnetic to money.

Are you ready to become a magnet to money, once and for all?

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