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Start Making MORE Than Enough Money!

getting richWhether you’ve been in business for awhile or are just getting started, you may be in the land of “just getting by.”

This is the land where the bills are paid (and you’re grateful!), but there’s not much leftover money for anything else.

Eventually, though, that gets old.

And it’s probably not why you started your business in the first place.

You started your business to create financial FREEDOM, not financial restriction.

How to Create More Than Enough Money

Here are three ways to shift out of just getting by and start making MORE THAN ENOUGH.

1) First, you must start by creating the belief that “I am more than enough, and therefore I deserve to have more than enough.”

If you’re experiencing “not enough” money, it comes from a place inside of you that feels like it’s “not enough.”

If you think that you’re not enough, then your primary view of the world = not enough.

And that will show up everywhere, including in your relationship with money!

The Universe will give you anything you desire. However, if you’re feeling unworthy or undeserving deep down, you will block money from coming in or will immediately spend it all the minute it comes in the door.

Start by writing down TWENTY ways that you are more than enough and see if you can truly believe it. Read it back to yourself in the mirror and let it really sink in.

2) Next, start to notice ALL the things in your life that you already have more than enough of.

Money is simply an energy. It doesn’t start outside of us, it actually starts WITHIN us.

It’s that feeling of being provided for and having your needs met. It’s looking around you and seeing all the things you DO have and knowing that you will always have more than enough.

Once you’re able to tap into this feeling INSIDE of you, money will start appearing on the outside!

Start by cultivating these feelings on the inside and make a list of all the things you have more than enough of.

It could be anything, but we all have more than enough of something!

Not only will you start to feel better, but money will start to show up in ways you never imagined!

3) Finally, one of the fastest ways to start making “more than enough” is to raise your rates and really start owning your value, i.e. charging what you’re REALLY worth.

If you’re in the land of “just getting by,” chances are you’re not charging what you’re worth.

Raising your rates is a great solution for this, however this is scary for a lot of women!

Again, this goes back to the issue of self-worth and feeling like you’re “more than enough.”

If you don’t truly believe in the value of what you’re offering, no one else will either!

Make a list of all the ways that the program or package you’re offering changes lives and helps women receive results or transformation they wouldn’t otherwise receive.

Don’t forget that transformation in one area of a person’s life generally affects ALL areas of a person’s life, so you are truly helping create results across the board.

Once you focus on really owning the value of what you’re offering, not only will it seem easier to raise your rates but it will seem natural!

If you are TRULY committed to making MORE THAN ENOUGH from here on out, I invite you to check out my brand new coaching program, “Creating Your First $5k Month (or More!) in Your Spiritual Business.”

If you’ve been in the land of “just getting by” for awhile and are ready to shift out of that permanently and start creating $5k, $10k, and $15k months, then this is for YOU!


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