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Why You’re Resisting Money & Success

tumblr_nhco06EDB51qz7f9no1_1280Many times when clients initially come to me, they think they have a fear of failure. They’ve been playing small their whole lives, not showing the world who they truly are, and struggling with money. Therefore, they assume they have a fear of failure, or otherwise they would be doing better in their business.

After a little digging, though, we almost always find that it’s more about their fear of success!

Yes, it can definitely be scary to fail and to lose everything. However, if you’re already struggling in your business and not making as much money as you desire, then you’re not actually scared of failure. Honestly, you’re already failing in a way! Therefore, that’s not your real fear.

Your real fear is about what is going to happen if you actually SUCCEED.

Your Fear of Success

Deep down, do you ever worry about:

What if your business really works, and you attract a lot of money, and therefore a lot of attention?

What if you suddenly become more successful than your parents, or your spouse?

What if you’re able to buy a nicer car than all of your friends and move to a fancier neighborhood?

Those are the real fears you’re struggling with.

As women, we subconsciously resist being in a place of power. It has never been accepted in society for women to be in a place of power, until very recently, and therefore we tend to resist it.

And ultimately, we all know that money = power.

It will allow you to show up differently in the world, attract more attention, and live a higher quality lifestyle. It will allow you to travel more, eat at nicer restaurants, and donate to causes you care about.

And as much as you might say you want that, deep down you are also probably terrified about what that will mean on a grander scale!

You may lose friends you’ve had since childhood, who are no longer on the same path as you. You may get some not-so-supportive comments from family members, who are being triggered by your success. And you will probably receive a lot more attention in general in the world, which means you will be more visible than you are now.

And all of these things trigger a lot of FEAR!

It’s not about the money…

Once we dig deeper, we see that it’s never really about the money.

It’s the fear of becoming that powerful woman you know you are meant to become.

And deep down that really scares you!

You’ve probably been hiding and playing small your entire life, and now things are going to radically shift! You’re going to begin showing up much differently, and that would scare anyone.

Women, especially, struggle with this because we’re relationship-oriented and like to keep the peace.

However, at the same time that we’re keeping peace on the outside, we’re creating a lot of discomfort on the inside.

It’s safer and more comfortable to play small like you always have, but the real you is dying to come out! The real you is aching to have a successful business, make a lot of money, travel the world, and just enjoy life!

She’s desperate to come out as the beautiful, powerful woman that she knows she’s meant to become.

If you’ve been struggling with money or resisting it for awhile now, I invite you to look deeper and see if there’s a fear of success or fear of power stopping you in your tracks.

I see this with a lot of my clients, and I certainly have struggled with this myself. This may be exactly why you’re resisting money and an abundant flow of clients into your business.

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