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What is Money Trying to Teach You?

a023f2fede3e41e23cbff48633774d99I know that when everything isn’t going the way you want it to, it can be VERY easy and tempting to think that something else (something outside of you) is causing the problem.

If you’re not making the amount of money in your business, you might be telling yourself things like:

If only clients would step up to the plate and hire me.

If only clients were paying me what I’m really worth.

If only I had more money to invest in the coach I want to hire.

Or some variation of that.

However, what if the problem isn’t out there, but instead is INSIDE of you?

(Hint: it’s inside of you!)

Money is Your Teacher

Rather than looking at money as the “bad guy,” I invite you to look at money as your teacher and embrace the lessons it is bringing up for you to explore!

So, what is money trying to teach you?

At all times, the Universe is simply mirroring back to you what you’re putting out there with your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

It’s the same with money.

Money is literally just mirroring back to you what you think you are worthy or capable of receiving!

It’s not the clients’ fault, or the bank’s fault, or your partner’s fault.

Or whomever else you might be wanting to blame it on.

It’s coming from that very tender place inside of you who probably doesn’t feel worthy of receiving, or who doesn’t really believe it’s possible to earn that much money in a month doing something you love.

She worries that she’s not good enough, or that others will never pay her that, or that she’s some sort of a fraud and can’t really help others.

Embracing the Lesson

Rather than trying to figure out where those beliefs came from, I actually want you to just LOVE that very tender part of yourself.

That’s the little girl part of you who’s scared to really put herself out there and charge her worth, who’s worried about showing the world how powerful and worthy she is, and who’s hesitant about really claiming her brilliance and magnificence once and for all.

She’s just acting out VERY old stories that no longer serve a purpose and are ready to be released.

However, once you start to LOVE that part of yourself and embrace the gifts and lessons that are showing up, you’ll notice that the scared place inside of you starts to open up and e-x-p-a-n-d.

All of a sudden that place inside doesn’t feel so scared, confused, or unworthy, and instead is ready to RECEIVE!!

You begin to feel ready to put yourself out there, to put your needs first, and charge what you’re worth.

Clients show up, money shows up, and all of a sudden you’re in the flow of life.

Money is a Mirror

Because once you really embrace your worthiness on the inside, money and the Universe have no choice but to reflect that back to you on the outside!

Money is serving as your mirror and is literally reflecting back to you what you think you’re worthy or capable of receiving.

As you begin to truly believe and embrace that you are worthy of receiving a certain amount of money every month, or having enough left over every month, or having ideal clients pay you in full, it WILL show up. It has to!

As you embrace your value on the inside, clients on the outside will mirror that back to you as well.

As you accept that you REQUIRE a certain amount of money every month to live your best life and expand into your full potential, the money will show up.

It always starts on the inside first ;)

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