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How to Set Your Rates & Charge Your Worth

Yeah, YOU!

Yeah, YOU!

A lot of women entrepreneurs come to me because they’re not making the money in their spiritual business that they had intended in making when they left their full or part-time job to pursue their passion. They saw other women online making tons of money in their businesses and assumed they would easily be able to make the same amount.

Have you been there?

There are hundreds (maybe thousands!) of people online these days talking about hitting six figures in six months, or some other large amount in a relatively short amount of time.

You’ve seen them. We’ve all seen them. They come out of nowhere and then have this “overnight” success.

However, a lot of the women that come to me are charging such ridiculously low rates that they couldn’t make six figures in six months if they worked 24 hours a day!

Charging Your Worth

I see a big problem these days with women business owners being able to charge their worth.

They have trouble charging amounts that not only pay their bills, but that really light them up from the inside out and make them feel good about the work they are doing in the world. Single sessions for your service definitely don’t cut it, and charging a super low rate for a 3-month or 6-month package is not going to get it done either.

You need to find a rate that reflects all of the qualities, talents, certifications, skills, etc. that you’ve accumulated over the years AND that feels good to you.

And I want to give you a tip right here:

YOU decide your rates.

YOU decide how much your services are worth.

Your rates are not decided upon by the market, your competitors, how much you “think” your clients will pay, or how much your friends and family members who are not even in the industry think you can get.

Again, YOU decide your rates.

It’s YOUR business, therefore you choose your rates!

Obviously, you’re not going to just pull this number out of the air and pick a random number. There is a process involved.

How to Set Your Rates

Here are some guidelines to get you started:

1) Make a list of all the qualifications you have that support the services or products you are offering. These include tangible things such as jobs, certifications, trainings, and degrees, in addition to more intangible things such as results your clients have gotten, life experiences you’ve had, and transformations you’ve made in your own life.

2) Next, tune into your body and think about the package, program, or service you will be offering. Think about everything that will be included in that, such as the amount of time and the results the client will get, and then think about what would feel good to you to charge for that package or service. Write that number down.

The right amount will feel really good to you, exciting, expansive, and full of opportunity! It may also feel a little scary if you’ve never charged that much before.

If it feels heavy or like you’re selling yourself short, then you probably are and you need to raise your rate.

Owning Your Value

Finally, here’s where I want you to really pay attention…

Once you’ve found the number that feels good to you, that feels really exciting and uplifting in your body and like a good price for what you’re offering, you DECIDE that’s your new rate and you take it and run with it!

You feel it in your body, let it really sink down into your BONES, and you own it one hundred percent.

You look yourself in the eyes in the mirror and proclaim, “You are SO worth it!”

You declare it, know you have the qualifications and skills to back it up, and then you ask Universe to begin bringing you clients that see your value as much as you do and are ready and willing to pay your new rate.

Notice I said clients who “see your value as much as you do,” because it all starts with you. Your clients are a mirror for you, and until YOU begin seeing your worth and DECIDING you’re worth your rates, you’ll have a hard time finding clients who do as well.


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You are SO worth it!


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