Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

self-care-habitFirst and foremost, if you are a spiritual business owner you need to be engaging in a LOT of self-care.

Being a business owner is stressful enough on its own, but if you’re reading this chances are you are sensitive to others’ energy and burnout quickly. You need to make sure you are regularly getting massages, taking vitamins, going for walks in nature, journaling, etc.

Furthermore, most sensitive spiritual business owners tend to be great GIVERs (in fact they often over-give), but very poor receivers. This will quickly begin to show up in all areas of your life, and you’ll definitely see it in the money area, in one way or another.

Obviously, if you’re great at giving and not so great at receiving, you’re going to have a difficult time charging what your worth (or charging anything at all), raising your fees, asking for the sale, etc. Deep down you have limiting beliefs telling you you’re not worthy or deserving of receiving money, or that no one will pay for your services.

However, let’s look at your giving and receiving again…

I want you to look at how much you are actually giving to YOURSELF, and then how much you are able to RECEIVE from yourself, in terms of attention, energy, compassion, patience, etc.

Chances are, you’re not in the habit of giving yourself a whole lot of attention.

In general, women are attuned to the needs of everyone else around them and pay very little attention to themselves. If you’re a business owner on top of that, then you’re used to juggling a million different tasks, focusing on your clients, arranging calls, etc.

And let’s face it, if you give yourself any attention at all it’s probably not entirely positive or uplifting.

The Universe can only give you as much as you are willing to give yourself.

If you’re only experiencing a drip-drip from the ole Universal faucet of abundance, you’re probably only giving yourself the bare minimum of attention and energy, which is being reflected to you through your money.

So if you barely have enough time to make yourself a decent dinner every night and actually sit down to eat it, how do you expect the Universe to give you clients who want to commit to a long-term program and spend more than a few minutes on a free call with you?

If you’re not willing to go shopping and buy yourself some new clothes that really fit and make you feel amazing about yourself, why would the Universe bring you any more money for shopping?

Last but not least, when’s the last time you actually just sat down and listened to your thoughts for a few seconds and gave yourself some TLC?

If you’re not going to, why should the Universe at large?

It’s all related.

One of my mentors always says:

How you do one thing is how you do everything. ~Kendall SummerHawk

It’s all about energy and relationships, and typically the way we relate to one thing is the exact same way we relate to something else.

I’m constantly amazed by how my clients’ relationships with money closely mirror their romantic relationships and even their relationships with food and their bodies. It’s all connected.

For example, if you’re scared that money is going to leave you, you’re probably scared that your man is going to leave you and that you’ll never be enough. Or if every time you look in the mirror you tell yourself how fat or ugly you are, you’re probably also telling yourself that an amazing relationship is not in the cards for you or that your ideal clients would never want to work with you.

And if you’re not giving YOURSELF any attention, money and clients probably aren’t giving you a whole lot of attention either!

Do you see how that works?

Luckily, there is a quick fix and as you start healing one area of your life it also positively impacts the other areas of your life.

Begin tuning in each day for a few seconds, go within, and ask yourself how you’re feeling. Notice the thoughts going on in your mind, the feelings in your body, the sensations on your skin, the sounds you hear all around you, etc.

You probably have not done this in a LONG time, if ever, so it may feel strange at first.

However, I guarantee you that if you continue doing this and continue giving yourself more positive energy and attention on a regular basis, you will find that money and clients start lining up to give you more affirming attention as well!

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