Mary Knebel, Money Mindset Expert

Mary Knebel, Money Mindset Expert

Mary Knebel is a certified Money Breakthrough Coach, Money Intuitive, and the founder of www.Moneypreneurs.com. She is known as the Moneypreneur, because she helps strong, spiritual businesswomen take control of their money to take control of their lives. She believes that everyone should be living a life of financial freedom, fun, and fulfillment, and shows women how to transform their {dysfunctional} relationships with money so they can do just that. Mary combines both practical and spiritual tools to quickly get to the heart of what is holding you back. After working with Mary, clients report that money is no longer a struggle and feels like a loving, trusted partner that is supporting them in living the life of their dreams!

I work with highly motivated women who feel trapped and stuck in their money story and are ready to heal it once and for all, so that they can BE who they truly are, HAVE what they want, and ultimately feel supported by their money in living the life of their dreams.


If you have found your way to this page, then I believe you are here for a reason!!

It could be time for you to:

release your fear around money so that you never worry about running out again and always have MORE than enough flowing in
understand what money is, where it comes from, and how to CREATE it
heal your dysfunctional relationship with money so you can learn to TRUST it to be there for you and support you
learn how to make money in your business, just from being YOU!
step into your power and never shrink around others again
stop giving your power away to others or money
embrace being visible‏ so you can show up fully and authentically as yourself (and attract clients who LOVE you!)
release your fear of outshining others or having too much attention on yourself
‎get into a place of high self-worth‏ and self-esteem (own your VALUE!)
stop caring what others will think and release your fear of rejection
stop feeling awkward or different than others and learn to embrace your gifts (and make money for them!)
release or heal codependent relationships where your needs are not being met
charge what you’re REALLY worth and never feel guilty again (no more giving away your services for free!)
ask for what you need and take care of yourself first (not everyone else)
maintain regular self-care practices
set your boundaries‏ and feel confident speaking up for yourself
embrace your deeply spiritual side as a gift and allow others to see it ‏
own your intuitive gifts and use them to help others
‏learn how to manage your sensitivity to energy, so you never feel over-stimulated or burnt out
embrace your need for downtime and revel in it
heal your broken relationship with God (so you know He really is there for you!)
release any anger towards your controlling or critical parents
finally step into the life you KNOW you are meant for!!

I recently compiled a list of all the characteristics my clients have, and was amazed at how many of the women I work with struggle with the same things (that I used to struggle with, too!).

Money is connected to almost everything we do in life, and as you can see from the list above there may be several different things in your life affecting your relationship with money.

The good news is, as you start to shift and heal one area of your life (like money), the other areas shift as well!

And I can help you make those shifts!

I have done it, and so you can you!!


I have always been into personal growth and spiritual development (literally since I was a little girl) and I always knew I would become a coach with a successful online business. I spent two magical years in Paris following college, that were amazing and definitely right out of my childhood visualizations. But somewhere not long after that, I found myself in corporate America, wearing Ann Taylor suits, moving from one cubicle to another (occasionally an office if I was lucky), and wondering when I was ever going to get ahead, make serious money, and live all those amazing things on my vision board.

Finally, enough was enough. I made a firm decision that I was ready to begin living life on my terms, from my desires, and I was ready for a change.

Except there was a little problem. Well, a BIG problem.

My relationship with money was completely out of whack, totally dysfunctional, and the thought of leaving the security of my job and a steady paycheck far outweighed everything else. Not to mention I had some lingering self-worth issues from having always been a chronic under-earner (ouch).

I was living in constant fear of running out of money (even when there was plenty in my bank account), not wanting to open bills or investment statements when they arrived in the mail, and not really having a clue how money works in the world or even what it is (hint: it’s just ENERGY). Not to mention I was making all my purchasing decisions based on how much something cost or how much I had in the bank, versus what I actually wanted, which wasn’t very fun at all!


Fast forward about two years, and now I’m a certified Money Breakthrough Coach, am pursuing a second coaching certification, work from home serving my ideal clients all day long, travel when I want, and attend high-end Mastermind retreats all over the world. Plus, I am finally living the lifestyle I always wanted.

I feel SUPPORTED by money and know that it is truly there for me and always available to me. I no longer FREAK OUT and worry about running out of money (no matter how much is in my bank account), I buy things and book vacations based on what I WANT (versus how much something costs), and I feel like I am finally able to show up in the world as the REAL ME and express myself fully, all while being loved and adored by money.

And the best part of all is now I get to help women like you, because you know deep down in your heart that you are meant to have a better relationship with money, where you can be self-employed and work for yourself, travel the world, and enjoy experiences regardless of their price. And more than anything, I know that ultimately you love and value yourself too much to keep playing small, resisting abundance, and simply not living a life that is totally inspiring and LIGHTS you up!

(Let’s be honest: You tried to live a smaller life, play by the rules, squelch those desires, and blend in with the crowd – IT DIDN’T WORK! It didn’t work because you are meant for so much more!!)

I am here to help women who are sick and tired of the excuses, READY to invest in themselves, and definitely ready to break free from the fear, lack, and limitation that is currently running their lives so they can finally live the life of their dreams!!

Money is just energy and money is here to SUPPORT you. I can show you how.

Do you want to chat about how transforming your relationship with money can help you get from where you are to where you want to be? Apply here :)

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