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Have Your Highest Income Month Yet!

865b5e8c0978b57bf28203a6859e482dI was reading on-line this morning about a woman who hasn’t even had her 30th birthday yet, and she just had her first $73,000 month. 73k!! In a single month!

Another friend was saying she’d be happy to just have a 5k month! What would make you happy and light you up?

Today I’m going to show you how to have your highest income month to-date, whatever that is for you in your situation.

How Much Money Do You Want to Make?

First, tune into your heart and notice what really excites you. What level of income would be your highest to-date and would really jazz you up?

Once you’ve figured that, write down exactly how you will spend that money, down to the penny.

I always says that “money likes a purpose” and doesn’t flow to people just so it can sit in your bank account collecting dust. So write down exactly how you will use that money.

Now that this is becoming a bit more of a reality, I want you to DECIDE that you’re going to have your highest income month, no matter what.

Make a decision, commit to it, and decide you will do whatever it takes.

Notice whether the next thought that crosses your mind is something like, “That will never happen!” or “I don’t know where it would come from, there’s no way!”

If those thoughts or beliefs are running through your head, these are probably the exact same thoughts and beliefs that have stopped you from getting what you want in the past. No matter how many steps you take forward, thoughts like those will pull you backward and take you off course and we don’t want that to happen!

Most likely, you already know many of the action steps you need to take in order to get the results you want and have your highest income month. However, it’s your internal mindset and the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are flowing through your mind that are causing you to stay stuck.

The Universe desires to give you everything you want…

You must get to a place where you absolutely KNOW that the Universe can give you anything you desire and that you deserve to have it.

This can be a stretch at first if you think of the Universe as limited or that money and other resources are scarce.

However, the truth is that the Universe is Abundant and that God wants to give you what you want more than you are willing to receive it! Quantum physics tell us that everything we want already exists as a possibility. In other words, the fact that you have a desire shows you that you are able to achieve it.

You must truly ACCEPT that the Universe can give you everything you want and that you can have your highest income month to-date.

Next, decide to go after this desire like a dog after a bone! You must CLAIM it and let the Universe know you are not willing to put up with anything less. Make it a non-negotiable and do not consider any other outcome, unless it is a better one!

If all possibilities exist, why wouldn’t you be able to get what you want?

Make a full-body DECISION that you are going to have your highest income month and do NOT take no for an answer.

This is an energetic full-body decision you make in your body.

Remember an earlier time in your life when you absolutely decided you were going to have something and feel what that feels like.

Do Not Stop Until You Get What You Want!

Lastly, you need to stick with this until you hit your target (or decide to go for something even better).

This is where most people get tripped up. They worry about “how” they will get what they want, or if they are good enough, or if the clients will come, or if they really deserve it, etc.

Ultimately, none of that is your business!

Once you decide to really go for something and commit to it 100% with everything you are, the Universe will begin sending you ideas for inspired action steps to take to get closer to what you want. Your job is to follow those ideas, take inspired action, and keep believing that everything you want is coming to you. If you get caught up worrying about if it will come or if you’re good enough and have what it takes, then you’re essentially blocking it from coming into your life.

Your task is to continue focusing on having your highest income month, keep moving forward, and with everything you are KNOW that what you want is possible and is inevitable. That’s why you have the desire in the first place.

Do not even let yourself think a single thought that comes from a place of doubt or fear.

If a negative thought pops up, immediately shift to a different thought that is positive and is focused on what you DO want. (If you need to wear a rubberband on your wrist to “flick” every time you think a negative thought and remind yourself to switch it, do so!)

Finally, tell the Universe that you are UNavailable for anything less than what you have said you wanted and that it MUST come to you.

The Universe has infinite resources and can give you anything you desire, so make it a non-negotiable and CLAIM what you want.

Stay with that feeling of sheer determination and TRUST that you will have your highest month to-date. Do not even consider any other options or plan B’s!

If a woman can have a 73k month before she’s even celebrated her 30th birthday, then I know you can have whatever you want as well!

If you’re ready to begin claiming your desires and saying YES to yourself, let’s chat and create a plan to help you have your highest income month yet! Click below.

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