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Opening Yourself to Receive More Money

heartFor starters, money is just energy. The quicker you accept this, the better.

It is energy, therefore it becomes whatever we want it to become. It takes on the properties and values we assign it. Whatever we think and feel about money, that’s what it becomes.

If you think it’s difficult to come by, it will be. If you think it’s plentiful and always available, so shall it be!

Therefore, if you want to change your experience with money, change YOUR energy and it will change your money.

It’s simple, but not necessarily easy.

Opening to Receive…

Open yourself to receive!

Open yourself to receive!

Here’s an exercise I recommend to all my clients and they always LOVE it. It came from my intuition and it has helped many women in opening themselves up to receive.

Outstretch one of your arms from your body and open your palm to receive. Then, imagine that a beautiful butterfly comes and lands in your hand. Notice how beautiful and remarkable it is! Appreciate it for all its uniqueness and for coming to land in your hand.

Also notice what happens if you try to close your hand and capture it. The butterfly immediately flies away!

The same is true with money.

Graspy, needy energy causes money to immediately leave you and go in the other direction.

Instead, you want to keep your energy open and unattached, and admire and appreciate the money that’s in your life, just as with the butterfly.

Imagine that money comes to you as easily and effortlessly as the beautiful butterfly who floats into your hand!

Shifting Your Energy Around Money

Every time you have an interaction with money, for example if you’re paying a bill or on the phone with a potential client, outstretch your hand and think of the butterfly landing in your open hand.

Think of how it feels to be open, expansive, and appreciative around money, just like you are with the butterfly.

Because money is simply energy, it will respond quickly when you change YOUR energy around it!

If you are typically anxious, fearful, or in a place of lack around money, then switching your energy to a place of being open, curious, grateful, and appreciative will make a huge difference.

The next time you’re dealing with money in some form or fashion, tune into your body and notice what you’re feeling. Notice if you’re feeling tense and tight, or open and relaxed like with the butterfly.

When you deal with money in a tight and constricted way, it’s very difficult for more money to come into your experience because you’re closed off to it.

Once you begin to open yourself to receive, you will allow more money and energy into your experience.

Try it the next time you’re in an interaction with money and see for yourself!

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