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Secrets to Earning More Money While Working Less

Are you pushing money away?

Are you pushing money away?

I’ve been speaking with many of you lately who have been telling me that as much as you’d love to be making more money in your spiritual business, there’s secretly a part of you that is worried about taking on more clients or opportunities because you worry you’ll just end up drained and exhausted. You’re already feeling that way, so you can only imagine what things will be like when you’re making more money!

Therefore, as much as you’d love to be bringing in more money and clients to your business, you actually end up resisting it and pushing it away.

That’s a false belief, though, that making a lot of money is difficult or requires hard work.

And it will prevent you from expanding in your business, no matter how much you may consciously think you’d like to expand.

It’s actually easier to make more money…

In my experience, making more money is actually EASIER than harder and requires less effort, not more.

When you begin aligning with your ideal clients, who are excited to pay you what you’re worth because they value working with you that much, your life will get much more satisfying. You’ll no longer be chasing down payments from needy or demanding clients, or some other variation of this. And you’ll no longer be drained and exhausted like you are now. Not to mention you can actually work with fewer clients as you raise your rates. Sounds exciting, right?

However, in order to make this shift you have to understand how you’ve created it in the first place.

When we first get into business, most of us are willing to work with just about anyone. We’re excited to get anyone on our calendar, plus we need the money.

Chances are, though, that if you don’t eventually move into working with your ideal clients and charging rates that are representative of your worth and your lifestyle, you’re going to begin catering to the demands of some less-than-ideal clients, you’ll end up feeling resentful, and you’ll wonder why you ever got into business in the first place!

Your ideal clients are looking for you now!

In order to shift this, you must first begin to BELIEVE that there are people out there who have all the qualities you’re looking for in an ideal client and who are willing to pay what you’re really worth.

Trust me, they’re out there! I work with them every single day.

But first you need to believe that they exist.

Next, you must believe that they are willing to pay the rates you’d love to be charging. These people will either have the money already or will be so committed to getting the transformation you offer that they will find a way to get the money.

Again, I know this is possible because it happens in my business! They are out there looking for you right now. They need your help!

And the money flows in…

Once you begin believing these two things, watch out! These people will begin to show up in your world – quickly!

Money will begin flowing in and you’ll see how it really is easier to make more money than less.

You’ll be working with ideal clients, who are willing to pay rates you feel good about, and you’ll no longer even consider working with clients who are less than ideal. Your energy will skyrocket, you’ll be excited to do your work every day, and it will no longer feel like the J-O-B you left to find freedom in the first place!

Finally, you’ll no longer be resisting welcoming more money into your life and business. It will feel so good to let money in that you’ll want to let in an ENDLESS amount!


To figure out how YOU can begin working less and letting an endless amount of money flow into your life, sign up for your complimentary chat with me below. We’ll quickly figure out what’s holding you back and how you can begin creating a highly profitable spiritual business. Click below!

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