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Formula for Getting Everything You Want

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Tell me something you want and I’ll tell you how to get it.

That may seem a little extreme, but if there is something you really, REALLY want, the truth is the way to have that thing is already in your life. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even have the desire for it in the first place. And yes, the money is there too!

I saw this happen with two lovely clients in the past week, and it just reconfirmed to me how easy this process can be (if we let it be).


One woman I was speaking to is a spiritual healer, and mother of one, and really wanted a long-overdue pedicure. But she felt guilty about spending the money on that and thought the money could be better used elsewhere in her life. However, I could sense how badly she wanted one and I made her DECIDE, right then and there, that she was going to get a pedicure in the next week before our next coaching session. I told her that if she truly committed to getting that pedicure, no matter what, then the money would be there for her.

Sure enough, it showed up right after we hung up the phone! She returned a call from someone who had left her a message and that person purchased $100 worth of product from her website. DONE. There was the money for the pedicure and it was then up to her to follow through with making the appointment and getting the pedicure (I will be following up with her this week!).

The next day, I was having a session with another client who is a style coach, and she was telling me that she really, REALLY wanted to sign up for a Facebook marketing program that one of her favorite coaches had just launched. I could hear the excitement in her voice just talking about it! But she didn’t feel right about spending her money on that, and just like the first woman she thought her money should be spent elsewhere. (Ladies, are we noticing a trend here?)

I coached her that if she was absolutely sure she wanted to do the program, she could make a decision right there on the phone with me, commit to doing the program no matter what, and the money would show up. She made the decision (after a little coaxing!) and sure enough, the money showed up just a few short days later. Once she made the COMMITMENT to enroll in the program, that lead her to taking action on something else which turned up the money. Today she told me, “It only occurred to me to even consider taking action after I made that decision [to register for the program]!”

This process sounds simple, and it is, but it’s not necessarily easy (and not even so much about the money).

As strong, spiritual women, we have been taught that it’s selfish to spend a lot of money on ourselves, or to take care of ourselves, or to give into our desires (or even take time to figure out what they are!). However, this is actually coming from a very limiting belief of lack and scarcity that says there’s not enough money for everything you want (and you definitely can’t get any more), therefore you should only spend your money on necessities, things for the family, or items that make a lot of sense.

This is not the truth and if you don’t want to believe in this any longer, you don’t have to!

The truth is there is more than enough money in the world (there’s no shortage), and you deserve to have what you really want. Once you make the decision to have something in your life, you will be aligning yourself with that possibility and the money can now come to you.


Here’s the formula:

1) Think about something you really, REALLY want – actually, you shouldn’t have to think too much about this, it should already be on the tip of your tongue and the forefront of your mind;

2) DECIDE and make a 100% commitment that you are going to have this thing no matter what – no wavering here, this is an ALL-IN decision;

3) Take ACTION on ideas and opportunities that come to you;

4) Get ready to receive the money for your desire!

Now, to be clear, this does not mean that money is just going to magically fall out of the sky.

However, what it does mean is that OPPORTUNITIES will arise in your life to get the necessary money, and it is up to you to take action as needed. This works for bigger desires too, like vacations, coaching programs, down payments for homes, etc. It’s just that the bigger the desire and the more amount of money it requires typically means the actions you’ll take will be bigger.

Finally, sometimes this process seems to work so well that when the money does show up, women don’t even realize the money is there for them to spend on their desire! They say, “That was too easy! This money must be for something else.”

No, it is here for YOU, because you made the firm decision that you were going to have that thing in your life, no matter what. Your wish has been granted!

I officially give you permission to go spend the money on your heart’s desire <3


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