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Have You Decided to Make Serious Money?

Draw your line in the sand and say YES!

Draw your line in the sand and say YES!

Let me ask you this very basic question:

Have you decided to make serious money in your life yet?

I mean really serious money, where you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills next month, or whether you can afford that stylish dress you would LOVE to buy but it’s “so expensive,” or how you’re gonna pay for that plane ticket for that last minute long weekend getaway that you absolutely don’t want to miss?

Now, this is not a trick question, but the answer is a little tricky ;)

First, let me define “serious money” for you. This will vary from person to person. Some people will be happy just making $1,000 a month, others will not accept anything less than $15,000 a month. Really it’s up to you and the wants and needs you have in your life.

Not too long ago I realized I hadn’t truly made the decision to make serious money in my life. Of course, I THOUGHT I had made the decision many times over, but in reality I hadn’t. And I could tell by the results I was getting in my life.

I still wasn’t making as much money as I wanted in my business, I was riding the up and down money roller coaster, and still looking for that plan B escape route! You know, the one where some mystical outside force is going to drop money through the clouds for you ;)

One day I woke up, though, and I could tell something was different. And I recognized it the moment it happened.

There was something I wanted to buy that was pretty expensive (around $300). And in the past I would have thought to myself, “I don’t really need it, it’s a lot of money, and I’ll just make do without it.” However, this time my automatic thought was, “Okay, so I just need to find a way create an extra $300 in my life.”


Just like that I realized I had made a new decision in my life.


When you make a decision to make serious money in your life, I’m talking about a non-negotiable decision where you will not accept anything else. It’s not a “let me wait and see what happens” kind of decision; it’s an all-or-nothing decision where nothing else is acceptable. You have drawn your line in the sand and you are making serious money in your life.

It is no longer tolerable to worry about where the money for next month’s bills are coming from, or how you’re going to afford that conference with your business coach, or how you’re going to buy a plane ticket to go on that vacation with friends.

Once you make this decision, that means you are ultimately a new person and have a new way of being. Everything changes, and typically very quickly at this point. What was once acceptable is no longer an option.

You’ll notice that your actions start to change overnight. No more waiting for your ideal clients to contact you out of the blue; you’re out there building relationships and making yourself visible to find them! No longer do you catch yourself saying, “I can’t afford that.” Instead, you’re busy coming up with ways to CREATE the money you need for whatever is you want to purchase. More than anything, it’s about no longer denying yourself those desires that you once put on the back burner.

If you think you’ve made this decision but you’re still not seeing the results you’d like, chances are you haven’t TRULY made the decision, deep down in your bones in a non-negotiable way. You’ll know when it happens, and you’ll find a whole new way of doing things.

If I can help you make this decision or find ways where you haven’t truly committed to this decision, let’s set up a time to talk and I’d be happy to help you uncover your money blocks and blindspots!!

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