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Do You Have Trouble Charging Your Worth?

Are You Afraid to Charge What You're Worth?

Are You Afraid to Charge What You’re Worth?

I work with women entrepreneurs who want to work less, make more money, and get to a place where they know their money is working for them (rather than the other way around). Unfortunately, when women first get into business they may have a completely opposite experience if they have not done any work on healing their relationship with money. Charging what you’re worth seems particularly tricky for females, because we’re taught by society to take whatever we’re offered, to never ask for more, and to never make others uncomfortable (money always seems to make others uncomfortable!).

See how many of these you relate to:

• When it comes time to quote your fees to a potential client, your hands get super clammy and your voice either goes up or down a few octaves and you can barely squeak out your price;

• If a potential clients raises an objection around your fees, you immediately back down and might even apologize for charging “so high”;

• You charge fees that you know are too low for your services and just do NOT feel right to you, but you do it anyway – and people are STILL not signing up!

I have done all of these and if you’re here, you probably have too! If so, I want to help make the experience of charging what you’re worth much easier for you.


Money = Energy

Money = Energy of Commitment

At some point in your business, if you want to be successful and truly live a life that lights you up, you’re going to have to get comfortable asking for what you’re worth and asking for the sale. This will probably trigger every unhealed issue or fear you have around money, your self-worth, sales, etc. However, once you get to the other side of it you will feel sooo much freer around money and wonder what the big deal was all about anyway!

As you begin to heal your relationship with money and begin to understand that money is really just ENERGY, the entire money conversation changes on a dime (no pun intended). You can take the emphasis off of you (it’s not really about you anyway!), and put it on your potential client, where it belongs.

You begin to realize that charging higher and higher amounts is not so much about the money, as much as it is a symbol of your potential client’s COMMITMENT to creating change in their life.

Typically, the more money someone invests in working with you, the more committed they are. This is not only great for you, but also great for the client because they will show up fully and finally experience the transformation in their life they have been wanting. On the flipside, the less someone invests the less he/she is likely to truly commit to doing the work. They don’t have as much money on the line and therefore it’s easier to not take things as seriously. This is basic human nature!

Money = Energy of Commitment

If your client is TRULY committed to changing or getting particular results in their life that you can offer, and is convinced that you are the right coach, healer, etc. for them, they will do whatever it takes to get the money in order to work with you. Even if it is not currently sitting in their bank account, they will FIND a way to get the money – either by taking out a loan, getting a second job, asking a family member, cashing in investments, putting it on their credit card, you name it. If they are at the point in their life where they really want to change and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there, they will make it happen.

Don’t believe me? Have you ever had someone tell you they didn’t want to work with you because they couldn’t afford it, and then the next week you saw pictures of them on Facebook at Disney World?

People will always find the money for whatever they are the most committed to at that point in their life.

Think of the times in your own life when you really wanted something badly and found creative ways to get the money.

All of this frees you up from getting fearful and anxious around charging what you’re worth, because ultimately charging what you’re worth is not so much about you but about the other person. If it’s the right fit and the person is 100% committed to getting the results they say they want in their life, they will do what needs to be done. If their desire is strong enough, investing in your work becomes the golden ticket to the life they’ve been waiting for!

Obviously the rates you charge need to feel right to you and you should have the experience and/or knowledge to back them up. But once you’ve come up with that perfect rate and the number you know you are worth, you can ask for the confidently and know that the right people will gladly pay for your services.

**If you need a little extra practice owning your rates and your worth, practice saying your fees in the mirror 100 times or more, until it no longer feels like a big deal at all!


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