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How to Make Your Products or Services Instantly Magnetic

Instant Magnetism!

Instant Magnetism!

I’ve been reading a new book lately (I’ve read it four times so far, it’s THAT good!) called The Little Money Bible, The Ten Laws of Abundance, by Stuart Wilde. It truly has become my new little money bible just like its title says.

One of the gems of this tiny little book that has really stood out to me and already made a huge impact on my life and business is how to make your products and programs instantly more magnetic. Visitors will stay longer on your website and they’ll want to reach out and talk to you, buy your products, inquire about your coaching programs, etc. All because of this one little trick I’m about to teach you.

And trust me, this is not at all what you’re expecting. But it WORKS! So I highly recommend you give this little secret a shot.

Sooo, what is this million dollar secret?

Infuse your products, services, and programs with love – yes, love!

Told you it wasn’t what you expected! But it really works, so stay with me here.

In the book, the author says,

“To make money, you have to deliver your energy in some form, to satisfy a demand that is out there.

And if what you are selling is energy, charisma, and enthusiasm, there is no competition because most others are selling things that are lifeless, loveless, and dull.

So your stuff – your service, your creativity, whatever – will always be different, unique, and desirable. Why? Because you will imbue it with energy, the God Force, love, and caring.

Once you imbue your life, your products, and so on, with energy, you will see the law of supply and demand no longer applies.”

Isn’t that fascinating?! I just love it.

Let me explain how this works.

First off, if you begin to put love (or positive energy) into whatever it is you are selling, whether it is knowledge, products, or services, you are automatically and immediately differentiating yourself from almost every other seller in the market, because most people out there are NOT putting love or any kind of energy into what they are selling. Most people are out there trying to make a buck, trying to get you to buy from them no matter what, and are not really taking you into consideration at all, and quite frankly are just not taking the time to take that extra step. However, with this little action YOU are going to be taking that extra step and people will be magnetized to you like you would not believe!

To do this, you must take your mind off of you, and what you will be getting in the sale, and put it entirely on the other person. Nope, it’s not about you anymore! It’s about the other person who will be buying the product or service from you. Think about what that person needs, how their life mill be made easier by what you’re offering, what they really need, what’s in their best interest? You need to transition from focusing on your own ego needs (ex. how much money am I going to make, I need to pay my bills, will the other person like me) to adopting an attitude of service towards the other person. And trust that by giving you WILL eventually receive in return (many times over, in fact!).

Finally, you can actually visualize light and love going into the product, service, or offering you are selling and this instantly magnetizes it (this is my favorite part!). Simply visualize a golden, pink, or white energy flowing from you or the Universe into your goods and services. This doesn’t need to be complicated, just do whatever feels best to you.

If you have a website, be sure to project love and light energy into your website so that visitors to your site will feel good when they visit and will want to stay as long as possible. They won’t necessarily know why they are so intrigued by your site, but they will be! And they will feel an inexplicable pull to talk to you, or read more about you, or even buy one of your products!

Every time you get ready to speak to a potential client on the phone, or send out a newsletter, or write a status update on Facebook, take a few minutes to really tune into the vibration of love that is in your body and then project that outward into your potential client, newsletter, or status update. This stuff is fun and really works!

If you don’t quite get what it means to put energy into something, that’s okay! It’s not an exact science and really just the intention to serve the other person and be there for them is enough. It’s about going from the place of “What’s in it for me?” to “What’s in it for the other person and how can I help them?”

By doing this you will be differentiating yourself soooo much from everyone else out there that people will not be able to help being drawn towards you! They will just feel better around you, feel the love coming from you, and you and your products will become instantly magnetic.

This topic is literally so intriguing to me so if you’d like to learn more about it, just hit the Contact tab above and send me a note and I’d love to tell you more about it!! This stuff fascinates me soooo much!


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