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What My Pink Christmas Tree Has To Do With Attracting Ideal Clients

This is the last part of an informal 3-part series I have been writing about what it took for me to finally leave the corporate world and fulfill my long-time dream of working from home and running my coaching business full-time. I have already written about the first two, transforming my dysfunctional relationship with money and overcoming my fear of what other people think, and now I will address the third key component in my transformation: attracting my ideal clients, which was easier once I mastered the first two topics. Keep on reading!

My pink Christmas tree!

My pink Christmas tree!

This year is actually the first year I’ve ever gotten my own Christmas tree, and as soon as I saw the pink tree (and pink and silver decorations) on the shelf at Target I just knew I had to get it! Of course, I also got a silver sequined tree skirt and a little pink sequined stocking for my puppy, Paris.

Now for most people, this is not their idea of Christmas. They do the standard live green tree with typical ornaments, red stockings, and a traditional tree skirt. But there are people out there who LOVE the idea of a pink tree (otherwise why would they even sell them?), and once they see the photo of my tree they will love knowing there is someone out there just like them!

It’s the same with attracting and magnetizing your ideal clients to you in your spirit-based business. Your ideal clients will resonate with the REAL you, because they are similar to you, and will be so happy once they find you!

It took me a long time to get this, and for most people this is one of the missing keys in building a successful business that is both client-attractive and magnetic. Most entrepreneurs think they have to be like everyone else, follow whatever their competitors are doing, and definitely not stand out from the crowd. However, your ideal clients will resonate with YOU, no matter how unique or out there you think you are, and will be so happy once they stumble upon your website or marketing materials because they have the same interests and preferences as you!

For years I was really scared to embrace the feminine, girly, absolutely-loves-pink side of myself. I thought it would turn away potential clients, or JV partners, or anyone who wanted anything to do with me or my business. However, by not embracing and showing off that side of myself, I was actually creating a diluted marketing message that didn’t fully appeal to anyone. People were interested in what I was doing, but I wasn’t signing up that many clients because they couldn’t really figure out what I was all about. They knew I was interested in helping people attract their ideal clients and make more money, but that just made me sound like everyone else out there doing the exact same thing.

People can actually FEEL when you’re not being fully authentic and true to yourself, even if they can’t quite put their finger on what feels off. They just know that they’re not quite relating to you or getting what you’re all about.

When I finally decided to own that side of myself and start putting it in my marketing materials, I actually started attracting more ideal clients to me (not less), and these were people who really loved my affinity for pink and knew they had to work with me! They love that I’m in standing in my feminine power, and am using that while also owning my power as a strong businesswoman.

Yes, you may lose some potential clients or business partners, but in the long run you will attract many, many more to you. There are so many people in the marketplace today that clients and customers are looking for that one person who really speaks to them, who really “gets” what they’re all about. And when they come across your pink website (or whatever), they will immediately think to themselves, “Ohmigosh, this is exactly the person I’ve been looking for! Where have they been this whole time?” They may not even know why they feel so pulled to work with you, but they will and you will enjoy the experience so much more because you’ll feel free to express who you really are.


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